Winter Storm Etellie


Category 4 (Crippling)


Nor' Easter

Winter Storm

Ice Storm



December 17


December 19

Lowest Pressure

992 mbar

Highest Snowfall

31.7 inches, Kitchener, Ontario

Highest Winds

112 mph, Newark, New Jersey

Highest Ice accumalation

1.4 inches, Coal City, New Jersey


$439.2 million (2016 USD)



Winte storm Etellie was a category 4 blizzard that affected New England and south-eastern Canada, mainly Ontario. The storm also spawned thunderstorms in the Gulf Coast and midwest, causing 6 tornadoes in Kansas and Oklahoma. Along with massive snow accumalations, ice, rain, and hail was also reported in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.


List of confirmed tornadoes - December 18, 2017
F# Location Time (MDT) Path length Comments/Damage
EF3 WSW of Ponca Cityto N of Bartlesville 4:25 PM - 5:31 PM 63.4 miles 4 Deaths- Large and long-tracked tornado killed 4 across northern Oklahoma.
EF1 Tulsa 4:41 PM 1.4 miles 1st Tulsa Tornado- A skinny rope tornado caused minor damage to houses.
EF1 Tulsa 5:04 PM 4.5 miles 2nd Tulsa Tornado, 1 Death- A cone tornado caused sustainable damage to houses. 1 was killed in a mobile home.
EF4 E Stillwater 5:24 PM 7.8 miles 23 deaths - Strong yet short-lived tornado killed 21 near Stillwater.
EF2 NE of Caney 6:12 PM 9.4 miles 2 Deaths- A large cone tornado caused major damage to houses. Rated very high-end EF2.
 EF0 E of Coffeyville 6:21 PM 0.09 Very weak rope tornado caused minor tree damage.


  • Snow covered vehicle in Toronto
  • Satellite image of New England after Etellie with Karla approaching in the bottom-right corner
  • The EF3 north of Pawhuska
  • The EF4 outside of Stillwater
  • EF3 damage near Bartlesville
  • Damge from the Stillwater EF4.

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