Catastrophic Winter Storm Brad also known as Winter Storm Benji and the Great Snowfall of 2017 and texas system. the most intense storm of the 2017-18 Winter Storm Season.

Winter Storm Brad
Catastrophic Winter Storm (DHC)

Brad after merging with Carol's remnants
Formed December 6th
Dissipated December 8th
Accumulated Cyclone Energy Not Calculated
Highest winds 160
Lowest pressure 928
Damages $0
Direct Fatalities 0
Indirect Fatalities 0
Missing 0
Areas affected Southern United States (Texas, Mississipi, Louisana, Alabama and Georgia)
Part of the
2017-18 United States Winter Storm season


Brad was decteced by the DHC on December 6th with Adele. Brad rapidly strengthend the next day due to satops. the enxt day Brad was upgraded to a Moderate Winter Storm, however heavy snowfall caused Brad to rapidly strengthening into a Severe Winter Storm by the end of the day later that night Brad strengthened to a Extremely Severe Winter Storm over night Brad dumped two inches of snow and was the most intense Winter Storm on Record


Brad casued heavy snowfall and black ice a some traffic incidents happend.


The state of Georgia brined roades and areas began to close.


Brad is the first winter storm to be named by the weather channel and the fastest intensifing winter storm and is the second snowiest winter storm.

Storm Year Snow
Brad 2014 3 Inches
Leon 2017 2 inches(approx)
Christmas Winter Storm Unkown Unkown

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