Chanthu (Enteng)
Tropical storm (SSHS)
Tropical Storm Warning

Tropical Storm/Typhoon warnings for July 25 in the Philippines
Formed July 20
Dissipated July 29
Accumulated Cyclone Energy 9.72
Highest winds 60 mph (1 minutes sustained)

45 mph (10 minute sustained)

Lowest pressure 994
Damages $2.93 billion (2016 Wikipedia:United States Dollar|USD]])
Direct Fatalities 348
Indirect Fatalities 103
Missing 41
Areas affected Philippines
Part of the
2082 Pacific Typhoon Season
Tropical Storm Chanthu (Enteng) was a deadly and costly tropical storm that occurred in the Philippines during late July. Killing 348, mostly by drowning due to extreme rainfall, and causing $2 billion in damages, it is one of the worst non-typhoon strength tropical cyclones to impact the Philippines.

Track of Chanthu (Enteng)


The day after formation, Enteng became a tropical storm, and shortly afterward made landfall in the Philippines. Heavy rainfall, up to 8 inches per hour, caused flash flooding nationally across the mid-Philippine region. Moving at only 3 mph, it became almost stationary over the north-central Philippines. In Manila, over 4 feet of rain was dumped, and 50 mph winds caused a mixture of extremely deadly debris filled flash floods. On July 28, Enteng weakened, sped up to around 20 mph, then looped around Luzon. On July 29, Enteng finally dissipated.


On September 1, 2082, PAGASA decided to retire the name "Enteng" due to death toll and damage cost. It will be replaced with "Enta" for the 2088 season.