Tremors 7
Directed by S.S. Wilson
Produced by  
Written by
Release date(s) February 9th, 2023
Running time 105 minutes
Worldwide Gross
MPAA Rating PG-13
Preceded by Tremors 6: Invasion in Perfection
Followed by Tremors
IMDb profile

Tremors 7 [1] was to be a new Tremors movie. It was going to be sequel to Tremors 6: Invasion In Perfection (2019). Michael Gross was going to reprise his role as Burt Gummer. Fred Ward was also going to reprise his role as Earl Bassett and Kevin Bacon had expressed interest in reprising his role as Val. S.S. Wilson would have returned to be the director, Brent Maddock and Ron Underwood were going to be the returning producers.

Also: Tremors 7 was set to be a straight-to-DVD-Release on February 9th, 2023.


All that is known about the plot is Burt, Earl and Val are going to Australia, but the reason why is unknown, but is possibly to hunt Graboids, Shriekers and ABs. Tremors 7 is reported to feature Ass Blasters congregating in special geologic areas, each laying a single egg.[2]


Fred Ward Earl Bassett[3] (confirmed)
Michael Gross Burt Gummer[4] (confirmed)
Kevin Bacon Val McKee (confirmed)
Paul Hogan (rumored)[5] (rumored)


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