Tremors 6: Invasion In Perfection
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Release Date

August 6th, 2019

Movie Length

99 Minutes


Don Michael Paul

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MPAA Rating


Tremors 6: Invasion In Perfection was the Sixth Movie in the Tremors Franchise, it was Released in August of 2019


A Year after the Events after the events of Tremors 5, Burt Gummer had returned to Perfection, and Subsequently Learns that a Large Number of Graboids, Shriekers and Ass Blasters had gathered in a Lone Valley a matter of miles outside of town.

To make it a Blast from the Past, an Old Friend of Burt's, Grady Hoover (As Seen in Tremors 2) had decided to visit town, unaware of the potential problems the large amount of nearby creatures could cause.


In Late-February 2016, Following the Success of Tremors 5: Bloodlines, Universal Studios Hollywood/Entertainment had put together a Movies-to-be-made line-up, with movies they planned/hoped to get done by the end of the Decade.

And Given the Success of Tremors 5, talks/discussions about a Tremors 6 started floating around, and with the Production of Sharknado 4 in it's Mid/Late Stages, the beginnings of further movie plans/discussions started taking place.

During the Course of the End of the Month and beginning of March, Universal had first announced Plans for Twister 2, which had a possible release date for Mid-2017.

Further Plans Continued to be Formulated and by July, Universal had added Tremors 6 to their list of Movies-to-be-made


On November 21st, 2016, after what was deemed A good year of Movies, Universal had announced they had officially Green-Lit production on Tremors 6. With a Producer noting:

"It had already been a great year for Movies, so we wanted to keep this up by Starting Production on Tremors 6, we have the script, we are currently however: trying to figure out the rest of the cast."

December 2016 to 2017

From December 31st, 2016, On, the rest of the cast had been found, and Of course, Michael Gross had confirmed he was going to reprise his role as Burt, but the Movie Production ran into a Slight Funding Issue, thus Creating a bit of a Production Delay



Michael Gross as Burt Gummer

Christopher Gartin (Actor)

Christopher Gartin as Grady Hoover

Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx as Dr. Ben Corwin

Jamie Kennedy

Jamie Kennedy as Travis Welker (Brief Appearance)