Unknown strength system cyclone
Cyclone 05B.jpg
Duration October 16 – November 2
Peak intensity 270 km/h (165 mph) (1-min) 

On October 12, an area of convection moved off the coast of Burma, and began to slowly organise in an area favourable for further tropical cyclone development. By October 16, the IMD reported that a depression had developed 171km off the Burmese coast. A few hours later, the JTWC reported that a tropical storm had developed. Continuing to move slowly westward, the newly designated cyclone began to steadily strengthen, and was designated a cyclonic storm late on the 16th as it began to accelerate. Intensification continued, and Maarutha reached cyclone status on the SSHS soon afterward, with IMD designating the system as a very severe cyclonic storm just 7 hours later. On October 31, Maarutha encountered windshear whilst located near the Oman coastline, rapidly weakening to a remnant low by November 2. During its existence, Maarutha caused 1 death and minimal damage to Burma, Sri Lanka, India and Oman.