Alice was the first UK named storm of the 2022-23 European windstorm season, and was responsible for the deaths of 12 people across the western side of Europe. Forming from a vigorous low pressure area on October 23, and rapidly deepened into a category 4 European windstorm, before reduced shear led to a constraining of the cyclones windfield.

However, by October 26th, a weakened Alice began another episode of explosive cyclogenesis, and the bomb deepened from 970mbar to 919 mbar in 24 hours. By 5pm on the 27th, Alice had attained peak gusts of 165 mph, and a record low pressure of 906 mbar for the North Atlantic.

Alice made landfall in the UK at category 5 intensity, before she rapidly weakened due to land interaction and teh jet stream ripping the storm apart