Six Flags over Manitoba is a theme park located off of Dugald Road, 16.7 kilometers east-southeast of downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba. The park was opened in 2026 to expand Six Flags locations throughout Canada. The park attracts over 6.5 million people a year, making it the most visited amusement park in Canada and North America. Its adjacent water park, Iceberg Bay, is loaded with 40 water rides and attractions, including six water coasters. The main park area includes a full-sized replica of the Eiffel Tower, rivaling the 1/3 model scale at Kings Island. The children area, known as "Brenda the Beaver's Playground", features almost 30 rides for children ages 0-12. Other areas of the park are designed for people ages 8-and-up.

Six Flags Manitoba

The logo.


Beginning in 2017, rumors speculated on the media that Six Flags was going to expand throughout Canada beginning the following year. This led to the official announcement by Six Flags on June 3, 2018: "Due to the limited amount of Six Flags Parks in Canada, our company has had several meetings going over the following statement. We have decided to expand our parks into Western Canada in the following locations: Thunder Bay, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Regina, Whitehorse, and Yellowknife. All of these parks will be completed within 2020-2029." Roughly six months after the statement, ground-breaking for Six Flags over Manitoba began.

Construction 2019-2026

After ground-breaking began on December 14, 2018, an overwhelming amount of snow halted construction during the winter. During the winter months, the mid section of the Eiffel Tower replica collapsed and fell due to high winds, killing eleven construction workers on duty. The remaining construction workers fixed many flaws with the structure to keep it from collapsing again. The buildings destroyed by the collapse were all rebuilt between 2021-2023. Most of the work through 2023-2026 was on roller coasters and kiddie rides. The water park, Iceberg Bay, was not completed until 2030.


A park ceremony was held on April 23, 2026 at the entrance to the park. Over 50,000 people attended the event. The mayor, Grant Nordman, kicked off the ceremony with a speech thanking the workers and a recognition for all of the hard workers who died in the collapse of the replica Eiffel Tower. For the workers who had died, a memorial was built outside of the park entrance. At 8:54 a.m. on April 23, the ribbon was cut, and the park had officially opened.


Brenda the Beaver's Playground

Name Opened Description
Alligator Joe's Bumper Boats 2026 A children's bumper boat ride; designed as a family ride.
Bump-tastic Cars 2026 A family bumper car ride, built and designed in 2024; moved to Six Flags over Manitoba at the park opening.
BeaverCoaster 2027 A family roller coaster; has maximum speeds of 24 mph (38 km/h) as it goes up and down small hills.
Beaver Cafe 2026 A restaurant that was built and opened with the park; serves all three meals.
Brenda's Candy Shop 2026 A candy store located in the "downtown" area of the section.
Brenda's Log 2026 A family log flume ride; was originally planned to be located in the water park.
Brenda-go-round 2026 A carousel made up of 90% gold; designed for kids ages 0-7.
Brenda Barbecue 2028 A restaurant located next door to the candy shop.
Creeping Up 2026 A family roller coaster that has maximum speeds of 38 mph (61.1 km/h).
Dizziness Jr. 2029 A swing ride that is half the size of another ride in the park, Dizziness.
Early Bird 2036 A family roller coaster with speeds of 40 mph (64 km/h).
Energy 2027 A large Zamperla flying carousel swing ride.
Fish Frenzy 2026 A classic scrambler ride.
Giraffe 2026 A kiddie coaster that is mainly made up of small hills.
Hairy Henry's Carousel 2027 A carousel that can hold up to 25 kids per ride.
Kelly's Dollhouse 2029 A very large doll house; home to at least 250 from the 1950s, 210 from the 1960s, 110 from the 1970s, 300 from the 1980s, 340 from the 1990s, 190 from the 2000s, 220 from the 2010s, and 115 from the 2020s.
Low Rider 2030 A kiddie coaster that is designed for more than 20 kids at a time.
Marty's Riverside 2027 A restaurant located next to Iceberg Bay's main transportation.
Otto's Octopus 2040 A large traditional octopus ride for families with younger children.
Road Racers 2026 A racing ride where kids can drive go karts around a large, oval track.
Serpent Stone Cafe 2028 A cafe near the entrance of the park.
The Tail 2026 A miniature drop tower; designed for family.
The Viking 2028 A large swinging ship; designed for family.
Troika 2036 A classic spinning ride. The ride can take three riders per car.


Name Opened Description
Dizziness 2029 A large swing ride that swings riders 75 feet in the air at a 127° angle.
Firecracker 2031 A 145-foot-tall wooden roller coaster with two inversions; height requirement of 54".
Screaming Hyena 2034 A large, steel tilt roller coaster that has one inversion; has top speeds of 66 mph (106 km/h); height requirement of 52".
Timberwolf 2040 A large, wooden roller coaster located in a wooded area in the back of the park; top speeds of 80 mph (129 km/h); height requirement of 52".

Inversion Mall

Name Opened Description
Blender 2035 A "tornado" coaster with top speeds of 60 mph. Spins around the 1,200 foot-long track.
Harmonica 2042 A large launched wing coaster that swings upside down through tunnels. The roller coaster reaches a speed of 79 mph; height requirement 54".
Octopus 2027 A classic octopus ride.
Perambulator 2026 A wooden coaster that has a lift hill of 120 feet and a drop of 135 feet; maximum speed of 52 mph; height requirement of 48".
Speed Demon 2029 A large steel roller coaster that has a 295-foot lift hill and has top speeds of 90 mph; height requirement of 52".
Spiderman: The Ride 2043 A blue and red steel hyper coaster that has a maximum speed of 97 mph and a top height of 284 feet; height requirement of 54".
Vif 2029 A wooden roller coaster that has a top speed of 85 mph. The roller coaster also has 4 inversions, the most for any wooden coaster in the world; height requirement of 52". The name of the roller coaster translates to "intense" in French.
Vortex 2030 A vortex ride; weight requirement of 90 lbs.
X2 2050 The tallest, fastest roller coaster ever built; height of 627 feet; speeds of 150 mph; height requirement of 54".
Zeus 2039 A Vekoma Flying Dutchman roller coaster; maximum speed of 62 mph; height requirement of 54".

Iceberg Bay

Water coasters

Name Opened Description
Avalanche 2028 A water coaster that holds the record for the steepest drop on a water coaster. The drop angle is 115°, and the g-force of the coaster lets the riders experience full-force gravity while going down the hill. The ride also has one inversion, a loop that was thought to be impossible to be built. The ride has a maximum speed of 60 mph and a height requirement of 52".
Ripple Racer 2037 A water coaster that races three rafts at once. The coaster has a top speed of 27 mph and a 45 ft drop. The ride only has a height requirement of 36".

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