33=The SDTWFC began naming storms in the Atlantic in 1954 and storms in the Pacific got names starting 1957. Lists 1-3 in both basins are all girl names while lists 4-6 are all boy names. However, a name can be replaced by a name of either gender.

Naming Lists


List of Atlantic tropical cyclone names
Anna Betsy Crystal Dora Ethel Flossy Greta Hattie Inez Judy Kitty
Laura Michelle Nina Odette Paula Rhoda Sadie Terese Vesta Winny
Andrew Bandit Cole Dane Eric Flannery Giovanni Heather Imogen Jacob Katrina
Layten Malcolm Neil Owen Peter Robert Sean Ted Veronica William
Alex Boris Colin David Ethan Felix Georgina Helene Ian Jared Kanye
Lori Miranda Naomi Otto Pat Richard Steve Tobias Victor Walter
Arthur Barry Candy Donald Earl Fabio Gaston Henry Irvin Joseph Kent
Liam Mickey Nestor Otis Phoebe Ronald Sage Tomas Vincent Wyatt
Anya Brittany Carol Dolly Esther Francisco Gloria Hazel Irene Jewel Kayla
Lucy Mabel Nancy Orpha Parker Rachel Susie Tina Vicky Wallis
Ana Bethany Coryn Diane Ernie Flora Garry Hannah Igor Jasmine Kyle
Lars Melissa Nelly Orion Peggy Rosa Serena Trudy Vina Winona


The Pacific naming lists will be announced when the SDTWFC begins to re-analyze the Pacific season.