May 24, 2016 Tornado Outbreak
Date of tornado outbreak: May 24, 2016
Duration1: 8:00 - 11:30
Maximum rated tornado2: F4 tornado
Tornadoes caused: 15
Damages: 0.352
Fatalities: 5
Areas affected: State Of Texas

1Time from first tornado to last tornado
2Most severe tornado damage; see Fujita scale

The May 24, 2016 Tornado Outbreak was a moderate to bad tornado outbreak that was in Southern Texas. There were a total of 15 tornadoes. The 2 strongest ones was a catastrophic F4 tornado in Spofford, Texas and an F3 in May, Texas. The F4 killed 4 people and an F1 killed 1 person in a trailer.


15 5 4 4 1 1 0
Intensity Town State Fatalites / Description
F4 Spofford Texas

4 Deaths - Large wedge tornado that touched down near some woods, uprooting trees, and crossing the street throwing leaves, sticks, and other stuff all over the place. The tornado then struck the city itself. 3 car dealershipmen who were filming the twister with their phones got sucked up in the vortex and are presumed dead. Piles of debris killed a man in a resturant. The tornado then dissipated after an hour on the ground.

F0 Quemado Texas 0 Deaths - Brief tornado, moved cars out of a driveway.
F0 Eagle Pass Texas 0 Deaths - Unexpected tornado. threw branches and rocks into streets. And overturned a trailer.
F0 Uvalde Texas 0 Deaths - Brief but unexpected tornado, uprooted corn in a corn field.
F1 La Pryor Texas 1 Death - Brief tornado, killed a person after overturning a car on a highway. Dissipated in a public pool.
F3 May Texas

0 Deaths - Moderate anti-cyclonic tornado, destroyed many city buildings with missing people, destroyed a corn field. And threw a car into a lake. Rated as a preliminary F3 Tornado.


Batesville Texas

Moderate tornado that destroyed a car dealership downtown and partily destroyed South Plaza Middle School.

F2 Knippa, Texas Intermidate tornado, destroyed parts of the town, including overturning 8 cars.

Sabinal, Texas

Very brief tornado, blew out a window
F0 Yancey, Texas Also a very brief tornado, no damage reported.
F1 Hondo, Texas Moderate F1 tornado, overturned a race car during a race car show in Hondo. Blew branches into a house.
F1 D Hanis, Texas Very brief tornado, very little damage reported.
F1 Pearsall, Texas

Very brief tornado, blew dozens of benches into a house and overturned a car.

F2 Concan Texas No damage, very rare tornado
F2 Utopia Texas Violent, F2 tornado, uprooted trees and completely leveled 5 trailers and a house.