May 2016 Indiana Quake
May 2016 Indiana Earthquake Epicenter Location
The Blue Pointer Marks where the Epicenter of the Quake took place in relation to Indiana


17 seconds

When it started

4:29:53 PM (EDT)

When It Ended

4:30:10 PM (EDT)

Richter Scale Rating

6.0 (Followed by Aftershocks of up to 5.1)

Epicenter Latitude

40.0 N

Epicenter Longitude

86.3 W


7 miles

Place(s) impacted

Indianapolis, IN and other parts of Indiana

Damage Caused

$250 million (2015 USD)

Casualties Caused

10 Killed, 65 injured

The May 2016 Indiana Quake was a devastating 6.0 Magnitude quake that shook Indiana and a portion of the Midwest on the late Afternoon hours of May 27th, 2016.


The Event


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