This is a list of all tornadoes confirmed in the April 20-23, 2015 tornado outbreak.


103 42 31 22 5 2 1

April 20 event

List of confirmed tornadoes – Monday, April 20, 2015
EF# Location County / Parish State Start Coord. Time (UTC) Path length Max width Damage Summary
EF0 N of Tekamah, NE to NNW of Onawa, IA Burt (NE), Monona (IA) NE, IA 41.52°N, 96.13°W 0014-0021 13.7 miles 150 yds. $10,000 A high-end EF0 tornado damaged a farm and destroyed an outbuilding.
EF3 SE of Climax Springs to ESE of Owensville Camden, Miller, Maries, Osage, Gasconade MO 48.04°N, 92.58°W 0136-0220 84.7 miles 700 yds. $1,000,000 4 deaths - A long-tracked high-end EF3 tornado destroyed many buildings and tracked through the city of Osage Beach. The tornado also destroyed houses in the town of Belle.
EF1 NE of Indian Grove Chariton MO 39.32°N, 93.01°W 0156-0158 7.1 miles 100 yds. $200,000 A tornado destroyed a barn and damaged crops.
EF1 Chillicothe Livingston MO 39.48°N, 93.34°W 0214-0218 4.1 miles 50 yds. $500,000 A tornado touched down in the Chillicothe area, damaging a school, several homes, and a theater, injuring 2 people.
EF2 NW of Maryville, MO to ENE of Bedford, IA Nodaway (MO), Taylor (IA) MO, IA 40.24°N, 94.55°W 1741-1757 30.7 miles 350 yds. $1,000,000 A stovepipe tornado caused extensive damage to buildings in the town of Pickering.

April 21 event

List of confirmed tornadoes – Tuesday, April 21, 2015
EF# Location County / Parish State Start Coord. Time (UTC) Path length Max width Damage Summary
EF5 SSW of Castana to S of Juniata Monona, Crawford, Ida, Sac IA 42.01°N, 95.56°W 0433-0500 54.8 miles 1 mile $1 billion 19 deaths - See section on this tornado.
EF1 SW of Guthrie Center Guthrie IA 41.37°N, 94.34°W 0455-0457 2.8 miles 50 yds. $1,000 A weak tornado downed trees.
EF3 WNW of Cumming to Pleasant Hill Warren, Polk IA 41.37°N, 94.34°W 0610-0631 18 miles 900 yds. $3,000,000 3 deaths - A large tornado destroyed the Des Moines International Airport and made a mall collapse. The tornado destroyed at least 300 buildings in Southern Des Moines, injuring 45 people.
EF2 S of Malcom Poweshiek IA 41.39°N, 92.33°W 0620-0628 6.6 miles 650 yds. $1,000,000 A transmission tower was bent over.
EF3 SSW of Columbia Lucas, Monroe, Marion IA 41.07°N, 93.08°W 0620-0628 12.6 miles 1000 yds. $100,000 A tornado damaged crops and downed several trees.
EF0 NE of Summerset Warren IA 41.27°N, 93.30°W 0704 1.4 miles 50 yds. $100 Brief tornado downed trees and damaged a house.
EF0 Cedar Falls Black Hawk IA 42.30°N, 92.30°W 0727-0737 7.3 miles 100 yds. $100,000 Several buildings sustained shingle damage.
EF2 W of Etna, MO to ESE of Lomax, IL Scotland (MO), Clark (MO), Lee (IA), Hancock (IL), Henderson (IL) MO, IA, IL 40.24°N, 92.01°W 0930-1003 54.3 miles 600 yds. $1,000,000 A long-tracked tornado destroyed hundreds of buildings, injuring 19 people.
EF0 NNW of Van Buren Jackson IA 42.07°N, 90.22°W 0940-0942 1.3 miles 150 yds. $100,000 A windmill was damaged.
EF1 Dubuque Dubuque IA 42.30°N, 90.40°W 1002-1004 1 mile 250 yds. $600,000 Many trees and power lines were downed. Homes on Chestnut Street suffered severe roof damage, of which one house was destroyed by a tree. A car stood in the exact same place where it was unscratched when a tree fell on it. The tornado also damaged a restaurant, shattering windows and blowing tables and counters. The tornado dissipated over a dock on the Mississippi River.
EF1 N of Pisgah Cooper MO 38.47°N, 92.38°W 1014-1024 11.5 miles 200 yds. $200,000 A tornado injured 2 people when a mobile home was severely damaged.
EF2 WNW of Clayton to NNW of Rushville Adams, Brown, Schuyler IL 40.02°N, 90.58°W 1018-1032 24 miles 550 yds. $1,000,000 A tornado bent a transmission tower to the ground, along with severely damaged homes. The tornado also destroyed a farm and injured three people.
EF3 NE of Oakdale to WNW of Iola Washington, Marion, Fayette, Clay IL 38.17°N, 89.24°W 1021-1049 55.2 miles 1100 yds. $6,000,000 1 death - A strong, long-tracked tornado struck the town of Centralia, Illinois, causing a bus to blow into a house and collapse a school's roof. The tornado tracked into Salem, causing a nursing home to be severely damaged before exiting Salem. The tornado weakened and damaged at least 5 more houses before dissipating. After the tornado caused extensive damage in Marion County, a state of emergency was issued for Centralia. The tornado had caused a large, brick building to explode from wet wires, killing 37 people.
EF1 NE of Prairie Center Lasalle IL 41.29°N, 88.54°W 1037-1040 3.4 miles 400 yds. $1,000 A tornado downed several trees.
EF1 Tunnelton Lawrence IN 38.45°N, 86.21°W 1132-1133 1.9 miles 250 yds. $200,000 A high-end EF1 tornado destroyed many sheds and a poor-built home in Tunnelton. A tunnel was severely damaged. At least 2 people were injured in this tornado.
EF0 SSE of Ryan Delaware IA 42.20°N, 91.48°W 1135-1136 1.1 miles 50 yds. $500 A small tornado damaged several homes, including a shed that had its front side blown off.
EF1 N of Cliquot Polk MO 37.43°N, 93.28°W 1146-1149 5.9 miles 100 yds. $5,000 An outbuilding was destroyed at high-end EF1 strength.
EF2 ESE of Brownstown to N of Altamont Fayette, Effingham IL 38.59°N, 88.55°W 1154-1207 12.7 miles 1200 yds. $1,000,000 1 death - A large, wedge tornado destroyed mobile homes near Brownstown before striking St. Elmo. The tornado caused the upper level of the St. Elmo Jr/Sr. High School to collapse, killing 1. Severe roof damage occurred to many homes in the vicinity of St. Elmo. The tornado exited St. Elmo, snapping numerous trees. The tornado damaged a farm before dissipating.
EF1 Henry Marshall IL 41.06°N, 89.21°W 1200 1.42 miles 250 yds. $300,000 A tornado tracked through Henry, destroying at least 15 sheds and damaged several buildings. The most notable damage was a home whose roof was torn off.
EF2 ESE of Stanford to SSW of Weston McLean IL 40.25°N, 89.09°W 1205-1228 33.2 miles 650 yds. $7,500,200 A high-end EF2 tornado touched down near Stanford, damaging several homes as it continued NE. The tornado passed between Twin Grove and Bloomington Heights before slamming into the northern section of Bloomington. The tornado mangled several metal roofs on several industrial buildings. A Tractor Supply Store and a Wal-Mart were heavily damaged, including one section of Wal-Mart being blown into the building, injuring 14. The tornado crossed I-55 and Route 51 before severely damaging many more industrial buildings. The tornado impacted at least 300 businesses and homes in Bloomington, injuring over 48. The tornado then struck the Illinois State University, throwing bleachers over three miles away. The main campus suffered major roof and siding damage, causing the first two floors to collapse. The main gymnasium was partially destroyed along with busted windows in the nearby Watterson Towers. A parking garage nearby was severely damaged, with cars blown over inside the building. Many more homes were damaged in the area, such as one that had a shed blown into the back side of the house. The tornado damaged several schools before crossing I-55 again. The tornado damaged several buildings in Towanda, injuring an additional four people before exiting the town. The tornado, at EF1 strength, towered into Lexington before dissipating in a nearby field.
EF2 SSW of Witt Montgomery IL 39.13°N, 89.25°W 1210-1213 2.26 miles 400 yds. $200,000 A tornado destroyed three outbuildings and a barn.
EF1 SE of La Fayette Stark IL 41.04°N, 89.55°W 1316-1317 1 mile 150 yds. $2,000 A brief tornado damaged a shed and several barns. The tornado also snapped trees and caused minor shingle damage to a farmhouse.
EF2 NNE of Belle Plaine to Van Horne to NNW of Newhall Benton IA 41.56°N, 92.15°W 1329-1340 16 miles 150 yds. $800,000 A tornado damaged many structures in Van Horne, including the Benton County High School which suffered damage to windows and the roof.
EF0 WSW of Melvin Ford IL 40.31°N, 88.17°W 1338-1341 3.76 miles 300 yds. $4,000 A tornado snapped trees and power lines and destroyed a barn. Could have been an EF1 tornado.