July 18 Event

List of confirmed tornadoes - Tuesday, July 18th, 2016
Time (West Coast Time)
Path Length (miles)
Maximum Path Width (yards)
Estimated Damage (2016 USD)
EF3 Cleveland to NNE of Helen White 2:56 AM - 3:09 AM 9.1 miles 794 yards (2,382 ft) $24,000,000 7 deaths - The first tornado of the day touched down near Cleveland and caused severe damage to hundreds of houses in Cleveland, Yonah, and Helen. Many more were injured and a mall sustained major damage. The tornado was rated high-end EF3.
EF0 Dawsonville Dawson 4:35 AM - 4:38 AM .3 miles 17 yards (51 ft) $0 Weak rope tornado caused damage to trees and minor roof damage in east Dawsonville.
EF0 N of Lawernceville to E of Commerce Gwinnett 8:23 AM - 9:17 AM 41.8 miles 68 yards (204 ft) $5,000 A long-tracked, anti-cyclonic, yet weak tornado tracked from Lawernceville to Commerce. A mobile home was overturned and hundreds of homes sustained minor to sustainable roof damage. Multiple trees were also uprooted along the I-85 N.
EF2 WSW of Willard to NNE of Eatonton Putnam 1813 - 9:18 AM 7.9 miles 342 yards (1026 ft) $3,000,000 2 deaths - A large, very high-end EF2 tornado struck the unincorporated community of Willard, killing 2 when the roof of a home collapsed on them. The tornado then struck Eatonton, where the courthouse was trashed and 7 court members were injured, with 3 being critically.
EF4 S of Griffin to NNE of Alphareta Spadling, Fulton, DeKalb 9:30 AM - 10:34 AM 71.6 miles 2372 yards (7116 ft) $1,200,000,000 83 deaths - See section below
EF1 E ofRoyston to W of Hartwell Franklin, Hart, Madison 10:09 AM - 10:15 AM 3.2 miles 35 yards (105 ft) $500 Small tornado caused minor to weak damage to Royston and Hartwell.
EF0 SSW ofFargo to W of Folkston Clinch, Charlton 10:29 AM - 10:58 AM 32.5 miles 112 yards (336 ft) $1,000 Weak, long-tracked cone tornado touched down near Fargo. The tornado then moved through the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, injuring 3 animals. The tornado also snapped thousands of trees in the refuge. The tornado then dissipated west of Folkston.
EF0 Waverly Camden 11:36 AM - 11:37 AM .04 miles 2 yards (6 ft) $0 Rope tornado tore shingles off of a house in Waverly.
EF1 E ofKingsland to WSW of Grover Island Camden 11:45 AM - 11:53 AM 9.4 miles 282 yards (846 ft) $950 1 death Rather large tornado caused moderate roof damage to multiple houses near Kingsland. One was killed at a camping site near Grover Island.
EF2 Hinesville to S of Savannah Liberty, Chatham 12:19 PM - 12:56 PM 41.4 miles 756 yards (2268 ft) $1,000,000 High-end EF2 caused moderate to major damage to historical landmarks in Savannah. The Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist had it's roof blown off. The Savannah capital building also had significant damage done to the inside. 2 people were injured when a chandelier fell on them during a city council meeting was taking place when the tornado struck the building.
EF0 E of Riceboro Liberty 1:09 PM - 1:11 PM .4 miles 28 yards (84 ft) $0 Small funnel touched down for two minutes, damaging a storage container near Riceboro.
EF1 Midway to Keller Liberty, Bryan 1:38 PM - 1:48 PM 8.8 miles 109 yards (327 ft) $500 Cone tornado caused high-end EF1 damage east of Midway. Momentarily became a waterspout while crossing Blackbeard Creek.
EF2 Fleming to S of Richmond Hill Liberty, Bryan 2:02 PM - 2:15 PM 13 miles 782 yards (2346 ft) $10,000 Half-mile wide tornado caused very-high end EF2 damage in Fleming. Multiple vehicles were overturned on the 95 highway. 1 was killed when their mobile home was picked up and flung 300 feet into the air and tossed around like a toy. Her son survived with only bruises after landing in a pond at a strangers house 4 miles away.
EF1 N of Madison to NNW of Lee Madison 2:51 PM - 3:01 PM 8 miles 233 yards (699 ft) $800 Weak tornado caused minor damage in Madison and Lee. Last tornado of July 18 due to unfavorable conditions over Florida. Restrengthened at around 10:00 PM.

July 19 Event

List of confirmed tornadoes - Wednesday, July 19th, 2016
EF2 NNE of Macclenny to S of Saint George (GA) Baker, Charlton 12:04 AM - 12:18 AM 15.2 miles 502 yards (1506 ft) $950,000 3 deaths Very-high end EF2 tornado killed 3 when their RV was thrown a quarter of a mile off the road. South of Saint George, a swath of forest was uprooted.
EF0 SSW of Hilliard Nassau 12:41 AM - 12:42 AM .6 miles 21 yards (63 ft) $90 Small rope tornado snapped multiple telephone lines and trees. A shed and 2 chicken coops were destroyed and a house sustained minor roof damage.
EF1 N of Baldwin to WNW of Callahan Duval, Nassau 1:37 AM - 1:55 AM 20 miles 28 yards (84 ft) $400 Low-end EF1 caused minor damage damage to 16 houses. A 140 foot barb-wired fence was blown down 4 miles north of Baldwin.
EF2 Lake City Columbia 2:42 AM - 2:51 AM 8.3 miles 381 yards (1143 ft) $2,300,000 1 death Very-high end EF2 destroyed 8 homes and damaged hundreds more. A fifth of a mile wide section of a mobile home community was destroyed, where 1 was killed.
EF0 E of Lake City Columbia 3:08 AM - 3:09 AM .1 miles 9 yards (27 ft) $0 Brief rope tornado caused damage to a shed near Lake City.
EF0 NNW of Olustee Baker 4:25 AM - 4:34 AM 16.3 miles 930 yards (2790 ft) $100 Wedge tornado with 165 MPH winds rated EF0 due to lack of damage. Only trees, sheds and telephone lines were damaged or destroyed.
EF3 Lake Butler to SSW of Fernandina Beach Union, Nassau 6:08 AM - 7:18 AM 75.6 miles 1083 yards (3249 ft) $105,500,000 6 deaths High-end EF3 tornado caused severe damage to Cites in mid-northern to north-eastern Florida. Jacksonville had major damage to the west side of the city. The worst damage occurred in Raiford, a small town NNE of Lake Butler. Raiford was decimated when the town suffered a direct hit, where 5 people were killed.
EF5 Lee to Fargo (GA) Union, Clinch (GA) 8:31 AM - 9:18 AM 45.3 miles 4263 yards (12789 ft) $1,900,000,000 327 deaths - See section below
EF0 Kent Nassau 10:17 AM - 10:19 AM .4 miles 53 yards (159 ft) $10 Rope tornado struck Kent, causing minor roof damage to 6 houses.
EF1 N of Yulee to S of St Marys (GA) Nassau, Camden (GA) 11:11 AM - 11:19 AM 10.1 miles 147 yards (441 ft) $250 Somewhat strong tornado caused damage to the Georgia/Florida border.
EF0 E of Fernandina Beach Nassau 12:43 PM -12:46 PM 1 mile 3 yards (9 ft) $0 Brief waterspout damaged part of the a pier on the Fernandina Beach waterfront. Last tornado in Florida during the outbreak.
EF0 SSW of Valdosta Lowndes 1:13 AM -1:16 AM 1.3 miles 16 yards (48 ft) $50 Small rope tornado destroyed an outhouse and damaged 2 houses near Valdosta.
EF0 Statenville Echols 1:36 AM -1:37 AM .1 miles 4 yards (12 ft) $0 Brief tornado caused minimal tree damage in Statenville with no visible vortex.
EF1 E of Statenville to W of Fruitland Echols 2:53 AM -3:04 AM 13.7 miles 52 yards (156 ft) $600 Weak multiple-vortex tornado caused minor damage near Fruitland.
EF0 S of Waycross Ware 3:28 AM -3:24 AM 2.5 miles 315 yards (945 ft) $1,000 High-end EF0 tornado caused minor roof damage to 7 houses and destroyed a barn silo.
EF1 NNW of Waycross to E of Blackshear Ware, Pierce 6:13 AM -6:27 AM 9.7 miles 201 yards (603 ft) $3,500 Cone tornado caused extensive to Sunnyside. 2 were injured in a barn.
EF2 ESE of Waycross E of Jesup Ware, Wayne 8:13 AM -9:01 AM 40 miles 1020 yards (3060 ft) $1,200,000 3 deathsVery-high end EF2 tornado caused major damage in Sunnyside, Blackshear, and Patterson. In Blackshear, a 100 year old house was swept clear off it's foundation, indicating possible EF5 tornado. However, it was rated EF2 due to the fact that the house was not anchored, bolted, and the walls were stuffed with trash.
EF0 ENE of Woodbine Camden 10:32 AM -10:36 AM 3.8 miles 11 yards (33 ft) $200 Small tornado destroyed 2 sheds.
EF0 N of Brunswick Glynn 12:24 PM -12:24 PM 9.7 miles 1 yard (3 ft) $0 Small tornado stayed on ground for 23 seconds.
EF0 ENE of Brunswick Glynn 12:43 PM -12:44 PM .04 miles 7 yards (21 ft) $0 Small waterspout caused damage to a boat.
South Carolina
EF0 SE of Myrtle Beach Horry 7:10 PM -7:12 PM .8 miles 15 yards (45 ft) $0 1st tornado of 2 twin tornadoes to strike Myrtle Beach.
EF1 SE of Myrtle Beach Horry 7:10 PM -7:15 PM 2.3 miles 42 yards (126 ft) $1,000 2nd of 2 twin tornadoes to strike Myrtle Beach. Caused high-end EF1 damage to the Coastal Grand Mall, injuring 13.
EF0 ENE of Socastee Horry 7:24 PM -7:26 PM .3 miles 37 yards (111 ft) $50 Small tornado struck Socastee.
EF2 SE of Conway Horry 7:27 PM -7:34 PM 4.2 miles 247 yards (741 ft) $50,000 Large stovepipe tornado caused significant damage to portions of south Conway.

Notable Tornadoes

EF4 (violent) tornado (NWS)
Manchester Tornado New.jpg
Duration 9:30 AM – 10:34 AM
Intensity 295 km/h (185 mph) (1-min)

Atlanta/Alpharetta, Georgia Tornado

At 9:30 AM, July 18 2016, a supercell near Griffin spawned a mile wide tornado. At 9:43, the tornado reached maxium sustained wind speed of 150 mph east of Fayetteville. At 10:08, the tornado slammed into parts of Atlanta. The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport suffered a direct hit. 25 people were killed there, and 32 planes were completely destroyed. The tornado then moved on to downtown Atlanta. Multiple skyscrapers were severly damaged and the streets were littered with parts of concrete, wood, glass, and insulation. The worst damage occurred in Sandy Springs, were 12 homes were swept completely away. The tornado continued on towards Alpharetta, straight through the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area, Island Ford Unit. The tornado dissipated NNE of Alpharetta at 10:34 AM. The tornado was the 8th costliest tornadoes in history, at $1.2 billion dollars (2016 USD).

EF5 (violent) tornado (NWS)
Joplin MO torando 05-22-11.png
Duration 8:31 AM – 9:18 AM
Intensity 530 km/h (330 mph) (1-min)

Jasper, Florida Tornado

At 8:31 AM, July 16, 2016, the 2nd deadliest, 2nd costliest, and strongest tornado ever recorded touched down. Instantly packing 330 mph winds, the tornado devastated parts of Lee and Fargo. In Lee alone, 82 people were killed. At 8:50, the tornado slammed directly into Jasper. The tornado was at it's peak, at 2.4 miles wide. Cars were tossed miles away from their original positions. 62 houses in Jasper alone were leveled, with 14 of which didn't even have their foundation's left. In the middle of Jasper, EF6 damage likely occurred. However, scientists did not want to have to rewrite the Fujita Scale, so stuck with the EF5 rating. The tornado caused $2.4 billion in damages (2016 USD) and killed 327, making it both the second costliest and deadliest in the United States.