March 2 Event


EF0: Tornado caused no damage with 65 mph winds. 6:28AM

EF2: 9 deaths - See section on this tornado. No injuries reported. All deaths reported with 135 mph winds. 6:57AM

EF0: High End EF0 caused no damage with 85 mph winds. 7:37AM

March 8 event


EF1: Tornado in Tate County with 100 mph winds caused mobile home damaged. One person was injured. 5:52PM

EF2: EF-2 caused damage near Alcorn County MS with 125 mph winds caused eight homes were damaged 1 mobile home was destroyed and 5 others were damaged. 6:07PM


EF2: Tornado caused damage near Caddo Parish including home destroyed with 115-125 mph winds. Two people were injured. 9:27PM

EF1: 2 deaths - Tornado killed two people in trailer home destroyed with 100-110 mph winds in Rapids Parish. One other person was injured. 10:58PM

March 9 event

EF0: Tornado caused damage in St Helena Parish with 70 mph winds. 12:28AM

EF1: Tornado caused damaged near New Roads Louisiana with 105 mph winds. 1:35AM


EF2: Tornado near Lake County FL caused home destroyed with 125-130 mph winds. Six people were injured in the house. 2:52PM

March 10 event

EF1: Tornado caused home damaged near Glassboro with 95 mph winds. 7:41AM

March 19 event

EF2: Tornado caused major damage near Roseland TX with 120 mph winds. 8 people were injured. 5:41AM

EF1: High End EF1 caused major damage near Van TX with 110 mph winds. One person was injured. 2:56PM

March 25 event

EF3: 4 deaths - See section on this tornado. High End EF3 with 160 mph winds ripped through lake county michigan.

EF2: 1 death - Driver was killed near lake county michigan with 120 mph winds. 7 additional people were injured.

March 30 event

EF2: See section on this tornado. Charlotte County Florida 130 mph winds caused 10 homes destroyed. 13 people were injured.

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