The SDTWFC retires names depending on how severe they are. The requirement for being retired is causing at least $1 billion in damages (2018 USD) or killing more than 100 people. However, if a storm is considered notable enough, it is retired. Examples of this kind of retirement are Connor and Kaleb of 1959. Due to a programming error, storm simulations stopped generating in 1959, thus only the storms' tracks are shown.

Names Retired in the 1950's


Storm Name Year Image Replacement Damage (2018 USD)/Deaths Notes
Florence 1954
Florence 1954 Simulation
Floren $4.1 billion

60 deaths

Hazel two weeks later took an almost identical path as Florence, and both struck New England as major hurricanes.
Norma 1954
Norma 1954 Simulation
Nancy $3.4 billion

581-1,191 deaths

One of the deadliest Atlantic hurricanes on record. Made a category 4 landfall in Haiti and South Carolina.
Brenda 1955
Brenda 1955
Bethany $800 million

25 deaths

Contributed to the severity of the floods in the United States caused by Connie.
Connie 1955
Connie 1955
Cathy $7.6 billion

184 deaths

Caused historic flooding in New England and the mid-Atlantic states.
Hilda 1955
Hilda 1955
Hannah $800 million

7 deaths

Stalled over the outer banks for a day and brought hurricane force winds to the mid-Atlantic states and New England. Made landfall in Newfoundland as a category 1.
Ione 1955
Ione 1955
Ilima $1.1 billion


Made a category 4 landfall on the Yucatan Peninsula a week before Janet made a category 5 landfall a few miles south of the same area. Most damage from Ione was in mainland Mexico.
Janet 1955
Janet 1955
Jasmine $436 million

1,023 deaths

One of the strongest hurricanes ever recorded to affect Mexico. Devastated Quintana Roo, Belize, and the Yucatan Peninsula. 500 deaths alone were in Quintana Roo.
Ben 1957
Ben 1957
Bandit $4 billion

416 deaths

80% of the deaths were in Cameron Parish, Louisiana.
Connor 1959
Connor 1959 Track SDTWFC
Coleen $2.2 million

35 deaths

Deadliest hurricane on record in New Brunswick.
Kaleb 1959
Kaleb 1959 SDTWFC Track
Kai $119 million

22 deaths

At the time, it was the strongest hurricane on record to make landfall in South Carolina. It changed the face of a beach in Charleston forever by washing away all of the sand.


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Names Retired in the 1960's


Storm Name Year Image Replacement Damage (2018 USD)/Deaths Notes
Barbara 1960
Barbara 1959 SDTWFC Track
Brittany $2.4 billion

173 deaths

A storm surge of 9.5 feet was measured in Pass Christian, Mississippi.
Edna 1960
Edna 1960 SDTWFC Track
Esther $87.2 billion

5,358 deaths

Only known storm to make a category 4 landfall in Maryland. One of the strongest storms on record to affect Florida, Georgia, and the Carolina's.
Gilda 1960
Gilda 1960 SDTWFC Track
Gloria $1.35 billion

28 deaths

Catastrophic flooding took place in and around Atlanta.
Cynthia 1961
Cynthia 1961 SDTWFC Track
Coryn $18.5 billion

284 deaths

Went from 80 mph/988 mBar to 170 mph/915 mBar in 24 hours.
Gladys 1961
Gladys 1961 SDTWFC Track
Garry $425 million

147 deaths

A woman's body, killed by Gladys in Cuba, was found hundreds of miles away on a Venezuelan beach 2 months after Gladys.
Illima 1961
Ilima 1961 SDTWFC Track
Igor $1.6 billion

675 deaths

A storm surge of 13 feet was observed south of Brownsville, Texas.
Frankie 1963
Frankie 1963 SDTWFC Track
Francine $3.5 billion

327 deaths

Caused the discovery of the El Chupacabra by causing the body of one to be swept into a town by a mudslide in Puerto Rico.
Grayson 1963
Grayson 1963 SDTWFC Track
Giovanni $7.1 billion

3,729 deaths

Made a 175mph landfall near Santo Domingo, destroying most of the city.
Ivan 1963
Ivan 1963 SDTWFC Track
Imogen $1.4 billion

37 deaths

Took a straight path from Puerto Rico to Jamaica.
Fred 1964
Fred 1964 SDWTFC Track
Felix $8.3 billion

71 deaths

Caused a 16 foot storm surge in Big Bend, Florida.
George 1964
George 1964 SDWTFC Track
Georgina $53.7 billion

440 deaths

Final storm to reach 185 mph winds in a span of 10 years, the others being Janet in 1955 and Edna in 1960.
Karl 1964
Karl 1964 SDWTFC Track
Kelly $19.5 billion

48 deaths

A rainfall total of 67.3 inches was recorded north of Houston, one of the wettest storms in American history.
Luis 1964
Luis 1964 SDWTFC Track
Lori $3.6 billion

33 deaths

Made four separate landfalls in Florida, all at different categories; 1 - Jacksonville, 2 - Key West, 3 - Tampa Bay area, 4 - Tampa Bay area.
Michael 1964
Michael 1964 SDWTFC Track
Miranda $1 billion

465 deaths

Dumped up to 60 inches of rain in parts of Honduras.
Coleen 1965
Coleen 1965 SDTWFC Track
Candy $21.3 billion

274 deaths

Nassau in the Bahamas recorded 34 hours straight of hurricane force winds, with 16 hours of major hurricane strength winds.
Floren 1966
Floren 1966 SDTWFC Track
Francisco $2.45 billion

184 deaths

One of the worst storms on record to make landfall on Saint Lucia. Floren made landfall there with 135mph winds.
Jill 1966
Jill 1966 SDTWFC Track
Jewel $8.7 billion

1,058 deaths

Catastrophic flooding in the Dominican Republic and Southern United States, mainly Mississippi and Louisiana.
Kathy 1966
Kathy 1966 SDTWFC Track
Kayla $950 million

258 deaths

Massive mudslides swallowed many small villages and wiped out millions of acres of forest.
Edith 1967
Edith 1967 SDTWFC Track
Ernie $3 billion

418 deaths

Dropped at least 2 inches of rain in every US state bordering the Atlantic Ocean.
Katie 1967
Katie 1967 SDTWFC Track
Kyle $1 billion

96 deaths

Originally predicted to not surpass tropical depression strength.
Martha 1967
Martha 1967 SDTWFC Track
McKenna $20.4 billion

2,819 deaths

Strongest Atlantic hurricane on record as of its dissipation.
Orva 1967
Orva 1967 SDTWFC Track
Omar $1.2 billion

106 deaths

One of the worst storms on record to strike Dominica.
Stella 1967
Stella 1967 SDTWFC Track
Serena $28.5 billion

136 deaths

Destroyed most of the wooden and brick buildings in Southern Florida outside of Miami.
Wilma 1967
Wilma 1967 SDTWFC Track
Winona $5.2 billion

259 deaths

4 days of torrential rains and hurricane force winds destroyed what was left of South Florida after Wilma. Flood waters up to 37 feet were measured around Lake Okeechobee.
Carla 1968
Carla 1968 SDTWFC Track
Crystal $2.1 billion


First name on List III to be reitred.
Molly 1968
Molly 1968 SDTWFC Track
Michelle $3.7 billion

736 deaths

Destroyed many area already severely affected by Carla,
Nona 1968
Nona 1968 SDTWFC Track
Nina $2.8 billion

453 deaths

Port Au Prince in Haiti saw rainfall rates of 4 inches per hour at the height of the storm.
Douglas 1969
Douglas 1969 SDTWFC Track
Dane $1.3 billion

15 deaths

One of the strongest storms to have their eye pass directly over downtown Houston.
Francine 1969
Francine 1969 SDTWFC Track
Flannery $6.7 billion

356 deaths

St. Croix in the Virgin Islands recorded major hurricane strength winds for 43 hours straight.
Hank 1969
Hank 1969 SDTWFC Track
Heather $28.3 billion

89 deaths

One of the strongest storms to make landfall on Florida's west coast.
Kevin 1969
Kevin 1969 SDTWFC Track
Katrina $11.5 billion

13,728 deaths

One of the deadliest hurricanes ever recorded. Some parts of Cuba saw up to 140 inches of rain throughout Kevin's lifespan.
Vinnie 1969
Vinnie 1969 SDTWFC Track
Veronica $5.3 billion

104 deaths

Caused an 11 foot storm surge in southern Louisiana. New Orleans saw category 2 winds at the height of Vinnie.
Wallie 1969
Wallie 1969 SDTWFC Track
William $9.8 billion

56 deaths

A 22 foot storm surge tore through the streets of Mobile and Biloxi. Over half of the roads in Harrison County, Mississippi were washed out.

Names Retired in the 1970's


Storm Name Year Image Replacement Damage (2018 USD)/Deaths Notes
Hector 1970
Hector 1970 SDTWFC Track
Helene $2.3 billion

146 deaths

A landslide carried a house 3 miles. Miraculously, the house survived without major damage and the two people inside were unharmed.
Kelly 1970
Kelly 1970 SDTWFC Track
Kanye $2.6 billion

43 deaths

One of the worst storms to affect Tabasco.
Nathan 1970
Nathan 1970 SDTWFC Track
Naomi $63.2 billion

319 deaths

Longest lived Atlantic hurricane ever record, and the second longest lived storm ever recorded in any basin. Nathan also had one of the highest ACE of any Atlantic storm; 73.8.
Kai 1971
Kai 1971 SDTWFC Track
Kent $4.6 billion

248 deaths

One of the largest eyes on record; 93 miles in diameter.
Phillipe 1971
Philippe 1971 SDTWFC Track
Phoebe $8.7 billion

6,826 deaths

Strongest storm on record to make landfall on the northern coast of Hispaniola, where it hit with 180 mph winds and a 898 mBar. Thankfully, the deaths, despite being high, could have been much higher had it hit a more populated area.
Alice 1972
Alice 1972 SDTWFC Track
Anya $8.2 billion

27 deaths

First A name to be retired, caused significant storm surge damage north of Miami. This storm also caused major damage to structures built by the Spanish around Orlando.
Patsy 1972
Patsy 1972 SDTWFC Track
Parker $38.5 billion

338 deaths

$7 billion in damages alone was from Cuba, making it one of the costliest Cuban hurricanes ever recorded. Ft. Myers, Florida and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina both recorded storm surges of 13 feet.
Linda 1973
Linda 1973 SDTWFC Track
Lars $29.1 billion

147 deaths

165mph winds and a 18 foot storm surge pummeled Corpus Christi, destroying the seawall, every building within a mile of the coast, all the bridges and roads in town, and many destroyed many estuaries.
McKenna 1973
McKenna 1973 SDTWFC Track
Melissa $72.5 billion

514 deaths

One of the costliest storms on record and one of the strongest to hit New England (115mph landfall in Connecticut).
Omar 1973
Omar 1973 SDTWFC Track
Orion $4.5 billion

67 deaths

Caused major flooding in the southern Mississippi River Valley.
Verna 1973
Verna 1973 SDTWFC Track
Vina $1 billion

34 deaths

An 11 foot storm surge caused significant damage to many small villages and to the big city of Manzanillo.