June 16th, 2017 Tornado Outbreak
Supercell Radar (15).jpg
The Supercell that spawned the Satanta EF2 tornado.
Date of tornado outbreak: June 16, 2017
Duration1: 5 hours, 18 minutes
Maximum rated tornado2: EF4 tornado
Tornadoes caused: 44
Damages: $390.616 million (2017 USD)
Fatalities: 32
Areas affected: Great Plains & Central U.S.

1Time from first tornado to last tornado
2Most severe tornado damage; see wikipedia:Enhanced Fujita Scale

During the late morning of June 16, 2017, a line of severe storms started forming across eastern Colorado, far eastern New Mexico, southeast Wyoming and southwest Nebraska . A supercell storm in western Kansas produced the first tornado at 12:43 PM CDT. The supercells continued producing tornadoes for the next eight hours before consolidating into a squall line that brought widespread damaging wind gusts and a few more weak tornadoes to areas farther east overnight. After the initial line of storms went through, a weaker secondary line formed about 75 miles (~1.5 hours) behind it and produced about a dozen more tornadoes, some of which struck places that had already been impacted by the first wave of storms. This second wave quickly fizzled out after late afternoon. One particularly unusual supercell dropped seven tornadoes over the course of two hours as it moved slowly southwest across Morgan, Weld and Adams counties in North Central Colorado.

Tornadoes Confirmed

Tornadoes, Deaths and Injuries by State
State Total EF0 EF1 EF2 EF3 EF4 EF5 Deaths Injuries
Kansas 28 7 8 6 5 2 0 33 400
New Mexico 5 2 1 1 1 0 0 0 14
Colorado 9 4 2 3 0 0 0 0 3
Oklahoma 2 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0
Total 44 14 12 10 6 2 0 33 417

Tornado Death Toll
State Total County County total
Kansas 33 Ellis 2
Finney 1
Hodgeman 4
Kiowa 7
McPherson 4
Pawnee 6
Pratt 1
Rice 8
Totals 33


List of confirmed tornadoes - Friday, June 16th, 2017
Time (UTC)
Path Length (miles)
Maximum Path Width (yards)
Estimated Damage (2017 USD)
EF1 N of Syracuse to NNE of Kendall Hamilton, Kearny 1743 - 1802 14.29 miles (23 km) 880 yards (805 m) $260,000 The first tornado of the day touched down near Syracuse and damaged several farm buildings. Many trees were snapped.
EF3 NNW of Lakin to E of Holcomb Kearny, Finney 1813 - 1839 19.3 miles (31.1 km) 1,760 yards (1,609 m) $3,000,000 1 death - A wedge tornado hit the northern part of Holcomb. Several homes and businesses sustained severe damage and one house was nearly leveled, along with about a dozen other homes that sustained minor damage. The fatality occurred in the nearly leveled house. Thirteen people were injured, Two critically.
EF0 E of Leoti Wichita 1816 - 1821 3.05 miles 25 yards $0 Tree limbs were downed by a small, weak tornado.
EF2 Satanta Haskell 1836 - 1842 4.13 miles 450 yards $2,300,000 11 homes sustained major damage in Satanta and a barn was destroyed near the end of the path.
EF1 NW of Garden City Finney 1843 - 1844 0.59 miles 100 yards $3,000 A brief tornado touched down just outside of Garden City and uprooted some trees in a park, some of which landed on power lines or playground structures.
EF2 Northern Garden City Finney 1846 0.36 miles 350 yards $2,000,000 A small cone tornado briefly touched down in Garden City and damaged some homes in a neighborhood. One person was injured.
EF0 S of Herndon Rawlins 1905 0.13 miles 20 yards $0 A brief tornado touched down in a field and did no damage.
EF1 W of Gove to SE of Collyer Gove, Trego 1914 - 1954 28.32 miles 660 yards $1,250,000 A tornado passed through Gove early in its track and damaged many houses. Several dozen trees were snapped. It then passed through mostly rural areas and mostly damaged trees and crops. Some farm buildings had minor damage. As it passed Collyer, the tornado turned toward the northeast and uprooted several trees. The tornado then turned back to the southeast. It dissipated near the intersection of K Road and 170 Avenue.
EF0 NW of Cimarron Finney 1921 - 1930 6.28 miles 200 yards $4,000 A weak tornado touched down in a rural area and caused some minor crop damage.
EF4 NNW of Cimarron to Jetmore to Larned to S of Ellinwood Finney, Hodgeman, Pawnee, Stafford 1928 - 2200 100.5 miles 1,400 yards $96,850,000 9 deaths - A long-tracked multiple-vortex tornado leveled at least 40 small homes in Jetmore and Larned, and some were partially swept away. Hundreds more were also damaged. The Jetmore High School received major damage, as the roof and upper level were completely collapsed. Many farmhouses were also destroyed along the path. In Larned, numerous trees were mostly debarked and a small shopping mall was severely damaged. Ninety-six people were injured and many had to be hospitalized. A tornado emergency was issued for this storm due to numerous reports of violent tornado damage.
EF1 E of Plains to WSW of Meade Meade 1932 - 1946 9 miles 1,200 yards $11,000 A weak tornado caused a wide swath of crop damage in a rural area and blew over a street sign.
EF0 S of Montezuma Gray 1938 0.2 miles 20 yards $0 A brief tornado touched down in an open field and did no damage.
EF2 W of Meade to SSE of Fowler Meade 1940 - 2004 16.92 miles 880 yards $2,500,000 In Meade, more than two dozen houses were damaged, and several buildings lost their roofs and some of their outer walls. An irrigation pivot was also overturned. One person was injured.
EF0 S of Fowler Meade 1958 - 2012 4.48 miles 440 yards $25,000 A slow-moving stovepipe tornado remained over over open fields for most of its path. A trailer was blown over on Highway 160.
EF3 N of Mineola to E of Pratt Ford, Kiowa, Pratt 2014 - 2218 81.5 miles 1,000 yards $114,250,000 8 deaths - A long-tracked tornado passed through the cities of Mullinville, Greensburg, Haviland, Cullison and Pratt. The worst damage occured in Greenburg, where at least a third of the city was damaged. Many houses were severely damaged and a few were mostly leveled. Numerous buildings sustained damage in other areas and the snall town of Cullison was almost completely destroyed. 142 people were injured. A tornado emergency was issued for Greensburg, where six deaths occurred.
EF1 NW of Jetmore to NE of Hanston Hodgeman 2017 - 2044 30.79 miles 200 yards $30,000 1st Satellite to the Jetmore-Larned EF4 tornado. This tornado was an anticyclonic tornado and it executed several loops along its path. Only minor damage occurred.
EF2 Manhattan Riley, Pottawatomie 2022 - 2035 6 miles 1,540 yards $5,000,000 A wedge tornado touched down in Manhattan and damaged many buildings. Several dozen trees were snapped and uprooted as well. Six people were injured.
EF2 SW of McCracken Ness, Rush 2046 - 2047 1.8 miles 100 yards $45,000 A brief and narrow tornado overturned an irrigation pivot and damaged several street signs. Crops were also damaged.
EF2 S of Rozel Pawnee 2102 - 2112 6 miles 440 yards $170,000 1 death - 2nd Satellite to the Jetmore-Larned EF4 tornado. This was a multiple-vortex tornado. A few farm buildings were damaged, barns were destroyed and crops were damaged. A car driving on U.S. Highway 183 was thrown into a field about 50 yards away by one of the suction vortexes and the driver was killed. Two other passengers were injured.
EF1 WSW of Coldwater Comanche 2116 - 2119 2.37 miles 300 yards $5,000 A few trees were snapped near a park and playground structures were tossed and flipped.
EF1 SW of Stockton to N of Osborne Rooks, Osborne 2121 - 2209 32.73 miles 1,800 yards $600,000 A wedge tornado tracked through mostly rural areas and impacted few buildings. In Stockton and Alta, a few buildings sustained minor damage.
EF3 N of Catharine to N of Bunker Hill Ellis, Russell 2130 - 2210 27.35 miles 440 yards $1,350,000 2 deaths - A significant tornado remained over mostly open fields along its path. However, four homes were destroyed near the beginning of the path where all of the caualties took place.. 7 people were injured.
EF0 NNE of Russell Russell 2202 - 2205 0.8 miles 50 yards $0 Satellite tornado to the previous event. A storm spotter reported a brief tornado that touched down in front of the main tornado and lasted about three minutes. No damage was found by the survey crew.
EF4 SW of Raymond to NE of Moundridge Stafford, Rice, McPherson 2206 - 2332 55.5 miles 625 yards $76,600,000 7 deaths - A long-tracked tornado passed through the northern part of Sterling and damaged several neighborhoods. The worst damage was confined to a swath about 60 yards (54.8 meters) wide, and within this area, many homes were swept away and cars were thrown and mostly destroyed. However, most of the homes were not properly anchored. Hundreds of buildings were damaged. After exiting the city, the tornado passed through mostly rural areas and destroyed about a dozen farmhouses. 76 people were injured.
EF3 SSE of Alden to NW of Moundridge Rice, McPherson 2220 - 2319 40 miles 440 yards $63,460,000 5 deaths - This tornado occurred simultaneously with the previous tornado and passed through areas slightly farther south, including southern Sterling and the northern part of Inman. Many houses sustained severe damage, and a high school and a middle school lost their roofs and walls. Some interior rooms also collapsed. Some debarking of trees occurred, and several farms were destroyed in rural areas. 67 people were injured.
EF0 WSW of Mankato Jewell 2228 - 2232 3.25 miles 20 yards $0 Tornado touched down over open fields and no damage was reported.
EF3 SE of Ellsworth to SW of Salina Mitchell, Saline 2231 - 2314 30.4 miles 850 yards $1,820,000 A strong tornado tracked across mostly open fields. Most damage occurred to farmhouses and farm buildings, many of which were mostly or completely destroyed. About a dozen power poles were snapped and some crop damage occurred. Just before dissipation, a tornado emergency was issued for the city of Salina, which appeared to be in the direct path of this tornado. However, after this tornado lifted, another tornado quickly touched down, so the tornado emergency was not cancelled.
EF1 S of Anthony to NNW of Bluff City Harper 2242 - 2301 17.5 miles 75 yards $90,000 A rope tornado damaged little along an intermittent track. A few power poles and fences were blown down, and an irrigation pivot was overturned.
New Mexico
EF1 S of Melrose to SSE of St. Vrain Curry 1752 - 1812 9.41 miles 325 yards $140,000 A slow-moving cone tornado touched down in an open desert area. A street sign was blown down and twisted and a tool shed was damaged. Two power poles were also snapped.
EF0 SE of St. Vrain to Cannon AFB Curry 1815 - 1823 5.5 miles 100 yards $125,000 This tornado formed east of the previous tornado and caused minor damage to structures in the Cannon AFB.
EF2 Southern Clovis to N of Muleshoe (TX) Curry (NM) , Parmer (TX) 1826 - 1914 31.53 miles 660 yards $14,500,000 One of two tornadoes that struck Clovis. In Clovis, about fifty buildings lost roofs, and the roof and part of the top floor was removed from and apartment building. A hotel sustained major damage and a railroad station was damaged as well. A few small trees were snapped or uprooted and cars were thrown. As the tornado exited Clovis, a farmhouse sustained major damage and the trash was lifted out of the landfill and scattered around town. Minor damage occurred in the towns of Texico and Farwell on the border between New Mexico and Texas. The tornado tracked through mostly open country after entering Texas and only damaged crops. Five people were injured.
EF0 Clovis Curry 1830 - 1833 2.4 miles 110 yards $1,830,000 The second of two tornadoes that struck Clovis. Numerous buildings had shingle damage, cars were rolled around in a parking lot, and the Curry County Fairgrounds sustained some minor damage. Two people suffered minor injuries.
EF3 S of San Jon to E of Logan Quay 1847 - 1917 32.22 miles 125 yards $1,475,000 A fast-moving and narrow tornado moved toward the north for most of its path. It passed through San Jon and Logan but did only minor damage to a few buildings. A mobile home near Logan was thrown from its moorings and destroyed and a house nearby was also destroyed, which was the basis of the EF3 rating. Several large trees were partially debarked and a few steel transmission poles were toppled and twisted as well. This was one of the strongest tornadoes ever recorded in New Mexico. Seven people were injured, three of which had critical injuries.
EF1 Wiggins Morgan 1811 - 1821 3.67 miles 100 yards $500,000 The first of seven tornadoes spawned by one supercell. This was an anti-cyclonic rope tornado that moved slowly through Southern Wiggins and into open country to the southwest. A few houses in Wiggins had their roofs damaged and a few small trees were snapped and uprooted. Two people were injured.
EF2 SW of Wiggins Morgan 1820 - 1832 4.38 miles 35 yards $5,000 The second of seven tornadoes spawned by one supercell. This was a narrow rope tornado that moved slowly southwest through open areas. A few trees next to a road were snapped and slightly debarked and a street sign was blown over.
EF0 SSW of Wiggins (1st tornado) Morgan 1831 - 1845 4.2 miles 220 yards $0 The third of seven tornadoes spawned by one supercell. This was an anti-cyclonic tornado. It was observed by several storm spotters but did no damage.
EF0 SSW of Wiggins (2nd tornado) Morgan, Weld 1842 - 1847 2.12 miles 175 yards $1,000 The fourth of seven tornadoes spawned by one supercell. This tornado touched down to the south of the previous one and damaged a fence.
EF2 WSW of Julesburg to S of Brule (NE) Sedgwick (CO) , Perkins (NE) , Keith (NE) 1842 - 1917 24 miles 500 yards $375,000 Several homes had roof damage and a barn was destroyed. A railroad car was blown over and crops were damaged. One person was injured.
EF0 ESE of Campo to N of Keyes (OK) Baca (CO) , Cimarron (OK) 1843 - 1903 13.9 miles 25 yards $2,000 A rope tornado touched down in Colorado but moved into Oklahoma. Only a few spots with minor damage were found by the survey team.
EF2 SSW of Wiggins (3rd tornado) Morgan 1844 - 1857 4.5 miles 440 yards $5,000 The fifth of seven tornadoes spawned by one supercell. A few fences were damaged and a small shed was destroyed.
EF1 NW of Hoyt to N of Bennett Weld, Adams 1905 - 2007 19 miles 250 yards $138,000 The sixth of seven tornadoes spawned by one supercell. Although it was long - tracked, only a few street signs, fences and power poles were damaged.
EF0 N of Bennett Adams 2010 1 mile 50 yards $0 The last of seven tornadoes spawned by one supercell. A storm chaser reported a brief touchdown in open fields next to Highway 79.
EF0 N of Keyes Cimarron 1905 - 1907 1.5 miles 20 yards $0 A brief tornado touched down in open fields.
EF1 NNE of Keyes Cimarron 1908 - 1913 3.7 miles 100 yards $40,000 A weak tornado tracked over open fields, with the only damage occurring to two power poles and a street sign.

Notable Tornadoes

Jetmore - Larned tornado family