Imagine if this actually happened

  • The Anticyclonic Indianapolis EF3, one of two Tornadoes to affect the Area
  • The Second Indianapolis Tornado, An EF2
  • The Strongest Tornado of the Outbreak, the Ohio EF5
  • An EF2 passing North of Lexington, KY
  • The longest lasting and Longest Track Tornado of the Outbreak, the KY/WV EF3
  • The Southwestern PA EF2, which tracked close to Uniontown
  • The EF2 IN/MI Tornado after entering Michigan
  • The Ohio EF2 at Peak
  • West Virginia EF1
  • EF1 North of Bloomington, IL
  • IN/OH EF1
  • PA EF0
  • Northern Ohio EF0
  • One of Two Indiana EF0s
  • Second of Two Indiana EF0s
  • Chicago EF0
  • Virginia EF0
  • Michigan EF0
  • MO/IL EF0
  • Damage from the long track KY/WV EF3
  • More damage from the KY/WV EF3
  • Damage caused by the IN/OH EF5
  • Damage caused by IN/MI EF2
  • Some damage from Indianapolis EF3
  • More damage from the Indianapolis EF3
  • Some damage from the Indianapolis EF2
  • Damage caused by Ohio EF2
  • Minor damage from Virginia EF0
  • In it's Path, the IN/OH EF5 took out a Vital Nexrad Radar
  • The IN/OH EF5 Knocked out several different Sirens, leaving some unaware of it's Approach
  • Damage from the Uniontown, PA EF2
  • Some damage from IN/OH EF1
  • Damage from KY EF2
  • The Greatest Severe risk during the Day
  • Average State Tornadoes per Year
  • Some hail from the storm that spawned the IN/MI EF2
  • Hail spawned by the Indianapolis Storm
  • Subtropical Moisture Flowed in from the South and West
  • Severe Lightning in association with the Chicago Storm
  • Hurricane-Force Winds in Cleveland, OH
  • Heavy Rain in Philadelphia, PA
  • Flooding caused by Northern Bloomington, IL Storm
  • Upper Level Low Creeping in from the West
  • WV EF1 Storm on Radar
  • PA EF2 Storm on Radar
  • The Cell that spawned the Long Track KY EF3
  • The IN/MI EF2 Storm on Radar
  • The Indianapolis Storm on Radar
  • The Storm that spawned the IN/OH EF5
  • Radar Velocities at the time of the IN/MI EF2
  • Radar Velocities at the time of the IN/OH EF5
  • Radar Velocities at the time of the PA EF2
  • The US Dew Points at the time of the Outbreak
  • The Line of Storms on Satellite that Caused the Outbreak before it hit the affected areas
  • The Area of the US that usually sees the greatest threat of Tornado
  • People were given weather radios while the Outbreak raged on
  • A Graph of Tornado Rating/Death Percentage
  • Average Tornadoes by Month

Tornado count

19 8 3 5 2 0 1

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