Hypercane Danny was the first hypercane named in Atlantic history. It was the deadliest storm of the Atlantic since 66 million years ago, when a hypercane hit the Yucatan.

Hypercane Danny

Danny at peak strength.
Formed June 16, 2165
Dissipated August 6, 2166
Accumulated Cyclone Energy 155.3 million
Highest winds 724 mph
(1-minute sustained)
Lowest pressure 666 mbar
Damages 156 billion USD
Direct Fatalities 3.5 billion
Indirect Fatalities 734 million
Missing 2.3 billion
Areas affected Everywhere expect the Southern Hemisphere and the North Pole.
Part of the
2165 Atlantic hurricane season


Danny formed on June 16, 2165 at 06:55 UTC when Hypercane Claudette was peaking and water temps were 123*F at 08:00 UTC and TD 04 strengthen to Hypercane Danny. Danny had hypercane winds for 5.8 years. Then Danny dissipated on August 6, 2166.