Hurricane Nana
Category 4 hurricane
Hurricane Charley 13 aug 2004 1635Z

Nana striking Florida as a Category 4 hurricane
Formed August 27
Dissipated September 18
Accumulated Cyclone Energy 39
Highest winds 155 mph
(1-min sustained)
Lowest pressure 921 mbar
Damages $22.7 billion (2038 USD)
Direct Fatalities 182
Indirect Fatalities 37
Missing 52
Areas affected South America, Lesser Antilles, Jamaica, Cuba, Florida, Newfoundland
Part of the
2038 Atlantic hurricane season
Hurricane Nana was the strongest and most devastating of the 2038 Atlantic hurricane season. It has also been known to affect South America, but just a little. Nana Lasted from August 27 through September 18, nearly a month.

Meteorological History

Early on August 23, a tropical low was spotted near the African coast. It was given a 40% chance of development at the second advisory. The invest became a tropical depression on August 27, eventually becoming a tropical storm on October 28. It became a hurricane on August 29, and a major hurricane on August 31. Due to wind shear, the storm weakened back to a category 2 hurricane. After exiting the wind shear area, Nana reverted to a Category 3 hurricane, eventually becoming a Category 4 later on. Due to effects on land, the storm weakened but once again reattained category 4 intensity. Being extremely close to category 5 intensity, the storm weakened because of interactions of land to a category 1. Nana became extratropical on September 17 and fully dissipated on September 18.


On January 15, the WMO decided to retire the name Nana. It would be replaced with Nereid for the 2044 season.

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Track of Nana