Hurricane Larry of 2021 was the 2nd strongest tropical cyclone of the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season, and it initially formed as a tropical disturbance over the southern Atlantic ocean. From the time it was designated as a tropical cyclone on October 3rd, to the time it became an extratropical cyclone, Larry was a speedy cyclone, and moved at an average speed of close to 35 knots (40mph), for most of its tropical life, and then accelerated to over 50knots (60mph) during its extratropical phase, leading to minimal damages being done by Larry. Upon moving into the European area of responsibility, and being forecast to hit the UK, the UKMET didn't rename the storm, due to the agreement between the US National Hurricane Center and the UK Met Office, which clearly states that any tropical cyclone affecting the UK that has had time as a tropical cyclone must not under any circumstances be renamed by any European agency.

Meteorological history

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