Hurricane Jamie
Category 4 hurricane (SSHS)
Hurricane Maria (2005) - VIS

Jamie at around peak intensity
Formed August 12st
Dissipated August 20th
Accumulated Cyclone Energy 54.3
Highest winds 150 mph
(1-min sustained)
Lowest pressure 943 (mbar)
Damages $104 billion (2066 USD)
Direct Fatalities 6,753
Indirect Fatalities 540
Missing 756
Areas affected New York City, Nova Scotia
Part of the
2061 Atlantic hurricane season

Hurricane Jamie was the strongest storm to hit New York City ever since Hurricane Sandy in 2012, while not as intense as Henry and Douglas, it was still devastating in New York City as they were expecting something like Andrea instead

Meterological History

On August 9th, during Hurricane Henry, the NHC announced two area's of interest, one of them was Jamie, while the other was Ike, Ike formed earlier than Jamie

On August 12th, the area of interest in which would be the birth place of Jamie was announced to have formed, instead of a Tropical Depression, straight to a Tropical Storm, it was instantly given the name "Jamie"

Once again, the storm rapidly intensified into a strong Category 4 hurricane before making landfall in New York City at peak intensity, afterwards, the storm weakened into a Category 3 hurricane, before making landfall in Nova Scotia as a tropical storm and dissipating somewhere near Canada


New York City

Evacuation was announced for New York City, around 50,000 people evacuated, while those who couldn't were forced to stay and face what's to come with Jamie

Nova Scotia

People boarded up buildings and prepared them for any upcoming wrath from Jamie, some evacuated to a different area away from the storm


New York City

Damage in New York City was very devastating, with the damage toll being at around $104 billion, the death toll was around 6,700 directly, and 540 indirectly, with 756 people missing

Nova Scotia

Damage in Nova Scotia was minimal, Jamie mostly brought heavy rainfall, which caused some flooding, 5 people drowned in the storm


In April 2062, it was announced the name "Jamie" would be retired due to the high damage and death toll, and replaced with "Jackie" in the 2067 hurricane season