Hurricane Iris
Category 5 hurricane
Hurricane Katia Sept 5 2011 1700Z

Iris as a Category 5 hurricane
Formed August 5
Dissipated August 16
Accumulated Cyclone Energy 30
Highest winds 190mph
(1-min sustained)
Lowest pressure 884 mbar (hPa)
Damages $114 billion (2019 USD)
Direct Fatalities 6,455
Indirect Fatalities 225
Missing 20
Areas affected Bermuda, New England, Canada
Part of the
2129 Atlantic hurricane season
Hurricane Iris, also known as the Great New York City hurricane or Hypercane Iris was the most destructive hurricane ever on the Atlantic Basin. Part of the 2129 season, It struck NYC as a Category 4 storm.

Death toll

6,455 people died unfortunately. 32 from Bermuda, 6,450 from New England, and 5 from Canada.


Very rare and unusual, this was a quickly strengthening hurricane. It strengthened to a Category 5 near the middle of the Atlantic and stayed as this for many days.

Meteorological history

This hurricane formed a tad after the Cape Verde Islands, producing little rain. In about a day, it strengthened to a tropical storm. The NHC named it Iris. The NHC Also predicted to go out North-east. Later on, it quickly intensified to a Category 3, then 4. Unusually, it strengthened to a C5. The NHC predicted to go towards Bermuda as a C4. However, it went North-west. It passed by Bermuda as a Category 5 hurricane, winds of an absurdly-high 190 mph. It later weaked to a 180mph storm. The NHC advised New England to evacuate, as this hurricane was peculiar and moving to the Northwest, and, it did. It weaked as it scraped the land, later making landfall in New York, NJ, and New England as a Category 4 storm. It killed 6,455 people, and caused $113 billion dollars of damage. It moved on to Canada, where it was a C2 hurricane causing $500 million dollars. It dissipated near the Great Lakes. It is now named the Great Hurricane of New York, or the 2129 New England hurricane (as there was a previous hurricane)


The Great Hurricane of NYC caused significant damage to New York, Rhode Island, and other states close to NY.