Hurricane Elise
Category 5 Hurricane
Formed Dec.12
Dissipated Jan.21
Highest winds 195MPH
Lowest pressure 582
Damages $82billion
Fatalities 10,000
Areas affected Lesser Antilles, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Yucaton Peninsula, Mexico
Part of the
2185 Hurricane Season

Hurricane Elise

Hurricane Elise was a deadly and costly hurricane. The most notable landfall was on Christmas day in the Yucaton Peninsula as a Cat.5 with 195MPH winds. There it killed 63,934 people. Over 1,000,000 buildings were destroyed or damaged.


In the Lesser Antilles Elise killed 22,582 people. This outstanding number happened because many people were swimming or didn't take the warnings seriously. In fact 10,372 drowned from riptides and rough surf in the southern islands of the Lesser Antilles. Elise was also the strongest, costliest, and deadliest storm in the Dominican Republic's history since 1979's Hurricane David. Elise killed 1,986 people and caused $967million in damages when it grazed the northern part of the Dominican Republic with 170MPH winds. In Haiti, only 874 died due to early warnings. 1,843 died in Puerto Rico from 185MPH winds and a 35ft storm surge. A further 10,635 died in Jamaica because the island had never experienced such a powerful storm before. Finally, in Mexico, 2,513 died in 160MPH winds.


Elise left many Countries in ruins. The worst hit place was the Yucaton Peninsula. NOAA had forecasted that Elise would move north and miss the YP. It would take years to rebuild all the places Elise affected. Life was never what it was before Elise.