Hurricane Danielle
Category 1 hurricane (SSHS)
Tropical Storm Hermine 2010-09-07 1725Z

Hurricane Danielle near peak intensity
Formed August 8, 2016
Dissipated August 13, 2016 (extratropical after August 10)
Accumulated Cyclone Energy Unknown
Highest winds 75 mph
(1-minute sustained)
Lowest pressure 984 mbar
Damages $2 billion (2016 USD)
Direct Fatalities 61
Indirect Fatalities 10
Missing 0
Areas affected Mexico, Texas
Part of the
2016 Atlantic hurricane season
Hurricane Danielle was a tropical cyclone that caused extensive damage in Texas and Northern Mexico in August 2016. A category 1 hurricane, Danielle was the fourth named storm and second hurricane of the hyperactive 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season. Danielle caused a total of 71 fatalities and over $2 billion in damage.

Meteorological History


The track of Danielle.

On August 6, the NHC began monitoring a tropical disturbance in the southern Bay of Campeche. By August 7, the NHC gave the system a 50% chance of becoming a tropical depression or storm within the next 48 hours due to low wind shear and warm water temperatures. Amid favorable conditions, the NHC designated the system Tropical Storm Danielle at 11:00AM EDT on August 8. Danielle intensified quickly after formation, and was upgraded to 60 MPH winds by 5:00PM that afternoon. At this point, Danielle was expected to remain a tropical storm at landfall. Early on August 9, a Hurricane Watch was issued for 30 counties in eastern Texas as the storm approached. Danielle became very large in size, and a hurricane hunter aircraft identified a wind speed of 65 knots at the center of the storm, which supported an upgrade to minimal hurricane status, as it approached Texas. Danielle then made landfall over northeastern Texas late on August 9. Danielle caused very heavy rains that helped ease drought conditions in the state. However, the rain caused extensive flooding and some damage, which caused a total of 71 deaths. On August 10, Danielle became extratropical as it moved inland. The remaining extratropical cyclone dissipated on August 13.


Danielle's rain caused historic flooding throughout Texas. Flooding caused many down trees throughout the area, which resulted in a total of 71 deaths - 10 of which were indirect. A major car accident took place on Interstate 35 in Texas that resulted in the 10 indirect deaths. Danielle was the deadliest and costliest hurricane to strike Texas since Ike in 2008. Danielle combined with a strong extratropical cyclone to produce heavy rains throughout the Upper Midwestern United States, where flooding also occurred. Because of its impact and damage, the WMO decided to retire the name Danielle in its annual meeting on April 11, 2017. It was replaced with the name Dana for the 2022 season.