Hurricane Celevreen
Category 1 hurricane (SSHS)
Hurricane Katrina August 25 2005.jpg
Celevreen after emerging to sea on October 14
Formed October 10, 2099
Dissipated October 18, 2099
Highest winds 1-minute sustained:
90 mph (150 km/h)
Lowest pressure 974 mbar (hPa); 28.76 inHg
Fatalities 243 direct
Damage $280 million (2099 USD)
Areas affected Western Cuba ~ Florida ~ Bahamas ~ Nova Scotia ~ Newfoundland
Part of the 2099 Atlantic hurricane season
Hurricane Celevreen was the third named storm, and third hurricane in the slightly average 2099 Atlantic hurricane season. Celevreen hit the areas hit by Hurricane Ariathena a month ago, worsening the damage. Because of this, The Grand Cayman Islands, which were sunken by Ariathena, wasn't expected to rise for another 10 years, making it 45 years.

Meteorological history

Celevreen - C1 - 2099
The origins of Celevreen can be traced back from a monsoon that moved off the coast of Honduras. The monsoon attained deeper convection as it moved ashore in the western tip of cuba. Emerging to sea, the monsoon was upgraded to Tropical Depression Four on October 10. Just before landfall, National Hurricane Center upgraded the Depression to a Tropical Storm, earning the name Celevreen. Celevreen intensified further, and was upgraded to a Hurricane on October 11. Celevreen made landfall on 19:59 UTC at Homestead, Florida. Emerging to sea near Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Celevreen maintained the intensity and peaked as a 90 mph storm out to sea. Celevreen was forecasted to intensify to a Category 2 hurricane, but Celevreen kept moving north. On October 16, Celevreen started to steadily weaken, and made landfall as a low-end Category 1 hurricane on October 17 near Harbour Breton, Newfoundland. Celevreen continued to steadily weaken and was downgraded to a Tropical Storm on 14:01 UTC on October 17. The next day, Celevreen was declared Post-tropical and is finally downgraded to a remnant low. Celevreen made a loop and made landfall on Ireland as European Windstorm Debby.