Hudson Valley Earthquake of 2017
The Ramapo Fault

The Quake was Primarily caused by the Ramapo Fault
Date June 7th, 2017
Time 4:29 PM
Duration 1 Minute (60 Seconds)
Magnitude 6.5 (moment magnitude scale)
Depth 16km
Epicenter The Ramapo Fault
Type Strike-Slip
Areas affected New York, mostly Hudson Valley
Total damages $390 Million
Maximum intensity VI - Severe
Foreshocks Unknown
Aftershocks 100 - which lasted till the end of July.
Total casualties 71 dead, 137 injured, 18 missing

The Hudson Valley Earthquake of 2017 was a Particularly strong quake that primarily caused problems in New York.


Before June 7, lately the Ramapo Fault has been gaining more earthquakes of 3-4 magnitude, causing the fault to be more ruptured. Eventually, the earthquakes were upped, becoming 4-5 magnitude by early June as more damage was caused around the Ramapo Fault, until June 7, where the fault finally ruptured and caused an earthquake that was felt all around New York and other areas of the northeast, with the magnitude being a 6.5 earthquake as many buildings collapsed. The power plants around collapsed, causing a widespread power outage in New York.

Right when the 6.5 earthquake happened, the shaking was felt as far south as Maryland as the Washington Monument slightly cracked; many people were surprised during the extreme earthquake as the Capital Hill dome collapsed. At 4:31PM, the Washington Monument partially gave way, collapsing partially as 24 fatalities were reported. Then, the earthquake stopped.

Meanwhile, an earthquake of 7.1 went undocumented as it hit rural Sullivan County; collapsing a middle school, a high school, two elementary schools and other parts of the county. The power then went out; people were unexpected for this, so there were 7 fatalities; most of them only students at one of the schools.

The Event

  • Some Building Damage near Central Islip, NY
  • Aftershocks caused shaking and other affects as far away as Maine