The Great HHW outbreak was an outbreak which had 12 tornadoes


October 20 2015 - The first stormcloud forms,It becomes an EF3 in 2 hours,It struck a shed next to the HHW buliding

October 21 - Four more tornadoes form, 1 EF1,2 EF2 and 1 EF4,The EF4 was pretty destructive.It completely destroyed a farm near the building

October 23 - After a one day break,The tornadoes strike again,We see a monster EF5 which did a ton of damage as well as an EF2 which fomed late in the night

October 24 - An unbeliveable record breaker EF6 hits right through the building. The building narrowly survived

Obtober 25 - the last 4 tornadoes formed,2 EF0 and two EF1. It was over at last.

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