Florida Tornado Outbreak of 2025
Tornado - 154.jpg
The St. Augustine EF4 showing Multivortex Characteristics
Date of tornado outbreak: May 18th, 2025
Duration1: 4 Hours, 33 minutes
Maximum rated tornado2: EF6 tornado
Tornadoes caused: 17
Damages: $38.82 billion (2016 USD)
Fatalities: 3,594
Areas affected:

1Time from first tornado to last tornado
2Most severe tornado damage; see wikipedia:Enhanced Fujita Scale


Imagine if this actually happened.

Tornado count

17 2 1 4 2 3 4 1


List of confirmed tornadoes - May 18th, 2025
Time (UTC)
Path length
EF4 St. Augustine 04:00 PM 22.5 miles 9 deaths - A large stovepipe tornado tore through St. Augustine, this tornado was strong enough to cause significant damage to the Lighthouse
EF2 E of Orlando 04:40 PM 18.5 miles 9 deaths - A skinny rope tornado tore through Disney's Epcot.
EF2 S of Tallahassee 05:17 PM 18 miles 8 deaths - A large stovepipe tornado formed near the beach and tore apart a neighborhood.
EF0 SE of Winter Haven 05:19 PM 6.5 miles 0 deaths - An anti-cyclonic rope tornado came through Champions-Gate,

The small town was trashed.

EF1 Cocoa Beach 05:22 PM 12.5 miles 1 death - An weak and skinny elephant trunk tornado formed on cocoa beach, this tornado trashed the beach and killed one when a life-guard tower collapsed with the guard still in it.
EF2 Cocoa Beach 05:23 PM 14.5 miles 0 deaths - Another tornado formed on Cocoa beach while one was already active, only this tornado was anti-cyclonic and caused more damage.
EF4 NNE of Coral Gables 05:23 PM 25 miles 19 deaths - A massive mile wide tornado destroyed a small town a few miles outside of coral gables.
EF2 W of St. Augustine 05:32 PM 19.5 miles 2 deaths - A large half mile wide tornado caused damage to some hotels and other businesses.
EF3 Miami 06:00 PM 25.5 miles 11 deaths - A mile wide tornado tore through downtown Miami.
EF0 Cape Canaveral 06:17 PM 8 miles 0 deaths - A small tornado passed by the Kennedy Space Center and trashed the area around it.
EF5 ENE of Punta Gorda 06:29 PM 42.5 miles 105 deaths - A mile wide tornado decimated a rural area around Punta gorda.
EF3 ENE of Land O Lakes 06:44 PM 21.5 miles 10 deaths - A multi-vortex tornado tore through a neighborhood.
EF4 Kissimmee 07:29 PM 25 miles 15 deaths - A multi-vortex tornado tore through Kissimmee and destroyed fun spot.
EF5 NE of Tampa 07:45 PM 45 miles 150 deaths - A mile wide tornado decimated a rural area around Tampa.
EF5 Jacksonville 08:08 PM 42.5 miles 100 deaths - A mile and a half wide tornado destroyed jacksonville.
EF6 Marathon 08:18 PM 115 miles 2,970 deaths - An almost 3 mile wide tornado with winds of near 370 mph decimated almost every city in western Florida.

This tornado was considered the worst tornado ever recorded.

EF5 Near Orlando 08:33 PM 40 miles 185 deaths - A mile wide tornado tore through Walt Disney world, this tornado caused significant damage to the magic kingdom, Hollywood studios, Disney springs, a number of the resort hotels and part of downtown Orlando.