Cyclone Blanca
Category 5 hurricane (SSHWS)
Cyclone Catarina 2004

Blanca at peak intensity while going towards Brazil.
Formed June 9, 2019
Dissipated June 30, 2019
Accumulated Cyclone Energy 10
Highest winds 190
Lowest pressure 888


Damages $0
Direct Fatalities 0
Indirect Fatalities 0
Missing 0
Areas affected Virtually no landmass, despite coming close to Brazil.
Part of the
2019 South Atlantic hurricane season

Blanca formed from a rare tropical disturbance in the South Atlantic it rapidly developed into Tropical Depression Two on June 9th as Andres formed last month. Blanca over the unusually warm waters near Brazil explosively intensified into Tropical Storm Blanca, and then Hurricane Blanca. Blanca continued to explosively intensify to a Category 5 hurricane with winds of 190 miles per hour and a central pressure of 888 millibars on June 11th. Blanca took a sharp northward turn while it was nearing Brazil and it entered the North Atlantic which already had a few systems active itself on June 15. Blanca maintained its intensity despite being in the Northern Hemisphere now. Blanca encountered a tropical wave coming off of Africa, however its clockwise rotation disrupted and dissipated the tropical wave on June 19th. Blanca weakened a little from that down to 185 miles per hour and rose to 899 millibars on June 21st. Blanca approached the central Atlantic on June 28th as a now 70 mile per hour tropical storm still rotating clockwise. Blanca then dissipated mysteriously the next day sending out a ripple of clockwise rotations across the Atlantic weakening all counter-clockwise lows and systems by 70% despite being weak before it dissipated it made a hurricane named Erin weaken from a 85 mile per hour category one hurricane to a 25 mile per hour remnant low.