A category 6 is a more intense storm than Category 5 and has wind speeds of [tel:195/181-214 195/181-214] mph and pressure below 880/905 mbar.. It can even cause $100-$300 billion USD in damage and 10,000 to 100,000+ deaths!

An average Category 6

Category 6 hurricane
Jangmi 2008-09-27.jpg
Duration August 28 – September 8
Peak intensity 200 mph (325 km/h) (1-min)  862 mbar (hPa)

In Late August or early September, a tropical wave moves off the coast of Africa and becomes a TS that looks like Bertha jul 3 2008.jpg. The TS is a J-P name. Lets give it a name: Katrina. TS Katrina becomes a hurricane in the Caribbean and becomes a C5. The storm strengthens to 185 mph and Andrew calls it a C6 and it strengthens to 195 mph, now its really a C6. The storm heads towards New Orleans. Its called Katrina because I wanted to and its 2065. On September 3, Katrina makes landfall near Alabama, monsterous damage is $192 billion, and deaths rose from 66 to 12,733. Katrina weakens way back to a TD and becomes ex-tropical(XTD). XTD Katrina strengthens to a XTS and a XC1 and dissipates on the 8th.