August 2nd, 2016 Egyptian Tornado


21 Minutes

Time It Formed

2059 UTC

Time It Dissipated

2120 UTC

Fujita Scale Rating


Maximum Winds

170 mph

Path Length

10.5 miles

Maximum Width

1/3 mile

Place(s) impacted

Cairo, Egypt

Damage Caused

$1,800,000 (2015 USD)

Fatalities Caused

Twelve (12)

The August 2nd, 2016 Egyptian Tornado was a Rare and Violent EF4 tornado that caused Destruction in Cairo, Egypt.


Tornado - 110

The Tornado as a mid-strength EF2 outside Luxor.

Around Lunchtime on August 1st, 2016, Local Weather Centers began monitoring the left-overs of a Tropical Cyclone that came in from the Arabian Sea.

While the Rainfall from the Leftovers brought beneficial rain to parts of Arabia and Northeastern Africa, some meteorologists noted a good chance for severe weather for parts of Arabia, mainly for Egypt, Libya and Baghdad.

A portion of the Tropical Remnants Split into two different storms, one went north/North-East over india and dissipated, while the other moved over Arabia and Stalled. Delivering some flooding when it did.

The Event

Tornado - 202

The Tornado at peak size and Intensity. (Seen from down the road)

On August 2nd, Meteorologists started to notice a rather unnerving event, a large area of Severe Thunderstorms gathering up inside Egypt, heading in the direction of Cairo.

One of them beginning to form a Noticeable hook on Weather Radar. Thus, local weather centers issued a rather rare Tornado Warning for Cairo, Egypt.

At about 2045 UTC, noticeable rotation became evident on a Storm outside of Luxor, matter of fact, local civilians reported "Rather Violent Rotation", signaling that a Tornado would soon form.

Soon, The Tornado touched down close to Luxor at 2059 UTC. Locals feared that if the Tornado struck Cairo, Catastrophe would unfold. Especially as the Tornado moved at about 35 mph and quickly grew in size.

People were ordered into any shelters that were around till the Tornado Dissipated. And by the Time the Tornado reached Cairo, it had gone from a Skinny Cone to an EF4 Wedge about a 1/3 of a mile wide.

The Tornado struck Cairo at it's peak intensity as a 170 mph EF4 at close to 2105 UTC It caused significant damage to shops and homes. Killing Twelve people in the process.

The Tornado even managed to caused slight deformation in one of the Great Pyramids. But Luckily missing other historic landmarks.

The Tornado moved due north, weakening, roping out and dissipating as it moved outside Cairo.