August 20th, 2016 SoCal Tornado


2 hours, 4 Minutes

Time It Formed

3:56 PM (PDT)

Time It Dissipated

6:00 PM (PDT)

Fujita Scale Rating


Maximum Winds

220 mph

Path Length

65 miles

Maximum Width

1 mile

Place(s) impacted

San Diego, Los Angeles and Orange CO, CA

Damage Caused

$12.99 billion (2015 USD)

Casualties Caused

170 Killed, 318 injured

The August 20th, 2016 SoCal Tornado was a Violent EF5 tornado that caused Destruction in parts of Southern California.


An Area of Storms formed in the Central Baja California Peninsula close to Midnight on August 18th, 2016.

They Moved North-West at 10 to 15 mph the whole time, causing some Tornadoes in the Baja California Peninsula along the way.

The Storms Briefly Spawned a Low Pressure Circulation in the Gulf of California, this nearly spawned a Tropical Depression out of it but came up short as the storms continued north to north-west.

Due to the expanse of the storm complex, which at the time was 260 to 295 miles, it dumped beneficial rain to parts of Northern Baja California and SoCal.

It wasn't Until August 19th that more Supercells began forming in the area of storms. In Fact, an EF2 tornado caused damage to a Neighborhood on close to the board of the US and Baja California.

This Tornado Died when it crossed over onto the Gulf of California.

The Event

  • The Storm spawning in Deep Northern Baja California
  • Ominous Storms near Orange Co, CA
  • The Tornado as a strong EF2, entering SoCal
  • The Tornado becoming a weak EF3 and entering a brief Multi Vortex Stage
  • Lower San Diego gets hit by the now Half Mile Wide EF4
  • The Tornado at its Peak as a Mile Wide EF5, just leaving San Diego and heading toward LA
  • The Tornado passing by someone's house
  • Los Angeles was put on High Alert as the Violent Tornado Entered Town
  • The Tornado being recorded by News Team near Downtown LA
  • Eventually the Tornado turned, weakened to a mid strength EF4 and soon struck Orange CO
  • The Tornado Briefly Re-Strengthened to nearly EF5 weakening again
  • The Tornado continued to weaken, it weakened to an EF2/EF3 before entering Nevada
  • The Tornado as it Roped out and Dissipated, at this point, it was now a mile into Nevada.


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