April 7, 2020 tornado outbreak
Tornado - 434.jpg
EF3 tornado in Muncie, Indiana
Date of tornado outbreak: April 7, 2020
Duration1: 16 hours, 22 minutes
Maximum rated tornado2: EF4 tornado
Tornadoes caused: 42
Damages: $320 million
Fatalities: 29
Areas affected:

1Time from first tornado to last tornado
2Most severe tornado damage; see wikipedia:Enhanced Fujita Scale

The April 7, 2020 tornado outbreak, known locally as Tornado Tuesday, was the first significant tornado outbreak of the year 2020. Between 6:42 AM and 11:04 PM, 42 tornadoes touched down across central and eastern Illinois and central Indiana, resulting in 29 fatalities. The outbreak was produced by an oblong cell line which began to form in the late afternoon of April 6. By the morning of April 7, over a dozen supercells had developed, many of which stalled over eastern Illinois and western Indiana for several hours. The most significant tornado of the outbreak was a long-tracked, high-end EF4 which impacted the city of Anderson, Indiana, resulting in 21 fatalities. A large, multiple-vortex EF2 tornado was responsible for an additional 6 fatalities in the town of Palmer, Illinois.

The system responsible for the outbreak also caused record-breaking rainfall and catastrophic flooding, as well as widespread hail, with some stones exceeding 5 inches in diameter.

The outbreak was followed and extensively filmed and photographed by numerous storm chasers.

42 18 11 10 2 1 0

Notable tornadoes

Connersville-Spiceland-Anderson-Elwood, Indiana

Hillsboro-Kincaid, Illinois

Muncie, Indiana

This large and highly visible EF3 elephant trunk tornado touched down on the outskirts of Muncie, Indiana at 5:32 PM EST. It initially dealt high-end EF1 damage to several residences before begining a northbound track towards the center of the city, intensifying to high-end EF2 strength immediately after cutting across Buck Creek, and gradually attained EF3 strength as it approached Ball State University. The tornado stalled less than 200 yards from Ball Memorial Hospital in a vacant parking lot, remaining almost completely stationary for the rest of its life cycle. Winds were recorded at 150 miles per hour at 5:58 PM, granting the tornado a rating of high-end EF3. The tornado weakened shortly afterward, roping out and dissipating at 6:04 PM.

Primarily because of the fact that it was very slow-moving and highly visible, the tornado was not responsible for any fatalities. Roughly 200 residences sustained high-end EF2 to EF3-level damage, and around 40 people were injured.

Palmer-Clarksdale, Illinois