April 19, 2032 Mount Shasta Eruption
VEI 7 super-colossal eruption (USGS)
Volcano (1)

Mount Shasta exploding it's mountain form
Volcano Mount Shasta
Date April 19, 2032
Time 12:37 PM
Eruption type Super-Colossal
Location Northern California, South Orgeon
Fatalities <5,000,000
Damages <$450 billion (2016 USD)
Other impacts Sun blocked out over western hemisphere, famine in America, Canada, Mexico, and other north american countries, pyroclastic flows as far south as Sacramento
On April 19, 2032, Mount Shasta blew it's mountain form, ejecting ash thousands of miles into the atmosphere. The cities of Redding, Sacramento, Chico, Eugene, and Medford were completely destroyed by a supersonic blast and/or pyroclastic flows. Other cities as far south as San Diego and north as Vancouver were moderately to catastrophically damaged. The Golden Gate Bridge was destroyed by a supersonic blast measuring 294 mph. The blast was so powerful, that the explosion was heard from as far away as Central America.

Events Leading to Eruption

On July 17, 2031, an earthquake measuring 6.3 struck half a mile west of Mount Shasta, triggering a a VEI3 eruption, causing chaos of the USGS. After that, a VEI1-3 eruption would occur daily, triggering thousands of earthquakes ranging from 3.5-7.5, with the largest being a 7.5, which killed 67 in northern California. The second-to-last eruption occurred on December 15, 2031. On February 17, the first eruption in California since 1917 measuring VEI4+ occurred, causing the evacuation of Chico.


Space needle collapses

Space needle collapsing

On April 19, 2032, the VEI7 eruption happened. The blast had a sound wave measuring 140 dB, causing people all the way in Greenland to hear the eruption. Seconds later, a shock wave traveling at that of the speed of light galloped across North America, decimating cities within 100 miles of the mountain. In San Francisco, the blast caused thousands of skyscrapers, apartments, work spaces, and many other buildings to crumble. The Golden Gate Bridge was leveled, and cars were tossed up to a mile offshore from the bridge. Larger cities, such as Vancouver, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Mexicali were moderately to severely damaged. In Seattle, the Seattle Space Needle was blown down after a smaller 300 ft building caused major damage to the base of the landmark.


After the eruption, there was no Mount Shasta, just a mound of dirt. 67 miles of Northern California had been turned into a caldera, now named Shasta Caldera. That summer, the average high for global temperatures was 45.6 fahrenheit. A famine in Asia that killed 2.3 million was blamed on the eruption of Mount Shasta. In Phoenix, Miami, San Diego, Los Angeles, and thousands of other cities globally that are usually in the 70s got more then 3 feet of snow on August 6, following the eruption.

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