The 21,000 AD Ice Age was the first Ice Age recorded by humans. The Ice Age lasted 70,000 years and had global temperatures bottom out at -57°F.


  • 20,800 AD: Human civilization noticed the reversal of this "global warming" happening. They suspected a new Ice Age was underway.
  • 20,950 AD: Just 50 years before it officially started global temperatures were down to 28°F.
  • 21,000 AD: The Ice Age officially started.
  • 25,000 AD: Global temperatures were down to -23°F, human civilization was starting to dwindle down to 30% of their original population.
  • 48,000 AD: Human civilization was at its tipping point, with only 50,000 people left.
  • 79,000 AD: Humans become extinct as the global temperatures reach an average of -57°F.
  • 91,000 AD: The Ice Age disappears leaving behind new lakes in all the continents. Average Temperatures rebound all the way back to 62°F

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