2011 April 25-28, tornado outbreak
Monster F5 Tornado June 1992.png
An EF5 tornado in Veracruz, Mexico
Date of tornado outbreak: July 7 - July 10, 2081
Duration1: 2 days, 16 hours, 2 minutes
Maximum rated tornado2: F5 tornado
Tornadoes caused: 17595 (record high)
Damages: $5.815trillion (2011 USD) (record high)
Fatalities: 62735 (record high)
Areas affected: US, Mexico, Canada

1Time from first tornado to last tornado
2Most severe tornado damage; see Fujita scale


17595 (record high) 4376 4531 3253 1355 2452 1016 612

This outbreak was the worst in recorded history, and was responsible for the deaths of a record 62735 deaths, and a record $5.815 trillion in damages. The worst of the tornadoes hit major cities, including several F5 and F6 tornadoes in which hit Tampa Bay, Florida on the 8th.

=Notable tornadoes

Tampa Bay Incident Tampa Bay (tornado family) Image= Tornado_1257.jpg Image= F5_undisputed.png These tornadoes hit a newly built National Hurricane Center, which was supposed to be able to withstand 500mph winds. Built of reinforced steel and concrete, the family leveled the building to the ground. The F5 was responsible for heavily damaging the building and extreme ground scouring in the local vicinity, causing an estimated $1.1 billion in damages. The second tornado was disputably rated an F6, mainly based on winds being measured at 344mph before the annometer was destroyed by the intense winds wrapped around the tornadoes circulation. it caused an estimated $6 billion in damages. Extreme ground scouring was also recorded off this tornado, although the actual damage done by the F6 is hard to distinguish from the earlier F5, which had only hit the area 8 - 10 minutes prior to the latter. 199 people died during the Tampa Bay Incident.

Veracruz Super Twister Image= Storm-mnn.jpg This was indisputably an F6 tornado. The exact impact of this twister is unknown, but $3.02 billion in damages was recorded, along with 4287 deaths, making it one of the worst tornadoes ever recorded.

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