2041 Dallas-Fort Worth tornado
EF5 tornado
Tornado 1416

The tornado at EF5 strength outside of Fort Worth
Date May 29th, 2041
Times 1347 - 1435 CST
Touchdown location 3 miles outside of Dallas
Injuries 567
Fatalities 215
Damage $6.91 billion
Areas affected Dallas, Fort Worth and areas in-between
Part of the
2041 tornado season

The 2041 Dallas-Fort Worth tornado was an EF5 rated tornado that tore through Dallas and Fort Worth, devastating the areas in and around both cities in the process. It touched down at 1347 3 miles outside of Dallas, Texas, before rapidly intensifying into an EF4 tornado as it moved through the Dallas metropolitan area around 10 minutes later. After passing through Dallas, the tornado fluctuated between EF3 and EF5 intensity as it made its way towards Fort Worth. The tornado passed through the city, then finally began to weaken, finally dissipating at 1920 hours after its violent 48 minute existence. 255 people were killed, 567 more injured, and damages reached $6.91 billion, the highest ever observed due to a tornado, as well as the death toll being the 4th highest on record as well.

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