2026 New York City tornado
EF4 tornado
Birmingham, England F4 tornado approaches city centre

The tornado in a suburban area outside of NYC as an EF4
Date May 27, 2026
Times 1719 - 1824 EDT
Touchdown location SOHO, NY
Injuries 216
Fatalities 127
Damage $14.7 billion
Areas affected New York, USA
Part of the
Tornadoes of 2026

The 2026 New York City tornado was an EF4 rated tornado, and was the strongest tornado ever to have hit the state. 127 people were killed ,216 others injured, and damages totaled $14.7 billion, making it the costliest tornado ever recorded.

The tornado touched down at 1719 EDT, in SOHO, before moving at a steady pace to the northeast, passing through NYC whilst at EF4 intensity around 1745 EDT, before heading out towards Manhattan, weakening as it did so. The tornado hit at 1805 EDT, and finally began to lift as it approached the center of the city, which it did at 1824 EDT, having been on the ground for 65 minutes, and having travelled for 130 miles in that time frame.

In the aftermath of the tornado, ground scouring was noted in several areas of NYC, where the tornado was at its most intense. Wind engineers also picked out an area of possible EF5 damage, but due to the poor building style in the area, and the fact that many of the buildings weren't anchored to their foundations, this was hard to determine, so a high EF4 intensity ranking was given instead.

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