The 2024 Mediterranean Sea hurricane season was the first on record the season was inactive a 2 storms reach above tropical storm status with one of them reaching major hurricane status. the only fairly notable storm was Dawn which reached category 4 intensity it had no offical bounds.

2024 Mediterranean Sea hurricane season (Doug)
First system formed March 3
Last system dissipated October 19
Strongest storm Dawn – 946 mbar (hPa) (27.95 inHg), 130 mph (215 km/h)
Total depressions 8
Total storms 8
Hurricanes 2
Major hurricanes (Cat. 3+) 1
Total fatalities 15,000
Total damage $80 million (2024 USD)
Atlantic hurricane seasons
2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027


Saffir–Simpson hurricane wind scale


Tropical Storm Anita

Tropical storm (SSHWS)
Anita 2024.jpg Anita-2024 Meditrack.png
Duration March 3 – March 5
Peak intensity 65 km/h (40 mph) (1-min)  1005 hPa (mbar)

Hurricane Bonnie

Category 1 tropical cyclone (SSHWS)
Bonnie 2024.jpg Bonnie-2024 Meditrack.png
Duration April 4 – April 10
Peak intensity 130 km/h (80 mph) (1-min)  985 hPa (mbar)

Tropical Storm Cirstina

Tropical storm (SSHWS)
Cirstinne 2024.jpg Cirstina-2024 Meditrack.png
Duration April 18 – April 19
Peak intensity 65 km/h (40 mph) (1-min)  1006 hPa (mbar)

Hurricane Dawn

Category 4 tropical cyclone (SSHWS)
Dawn 2024.jpg Dawn-2024 Meditrack.png
Duration May 5 – May 20
Peak intensity 215 km/h (130 mph) (1-min)  946 hPa (mbar)
Main Article:Hurricane Dawn

Tropical Storm Evelyn

Tropical storm (SSHWS)
Evelyn 2024.jpg Evelyn-2024 Meditrack.png
Duration May 21 – May 23
Peak intensity 85 km/h (50 mph) (1-min)  1003 hPa (mbar)

Tropical Storm Fiona

Tropical storm (SSHWS)
Fiona 2024.jpg Fiona-2024 Meditrack.png
Duration June 6 – June 10
Peak intensity 95 km/h (60 mph) (1-min)  995 hPa (mbar)

Tropical Storm Holly

Tropical storm (SSHWS)
Holly 2024.jpg Holly-2024 Meditrack.png
Duration June 30 – July 3
Peak intensity 85 km/h (50 mph) (1-min)  1001 hPa (mbar)

Tropical Storm Ida

Tropical storm (SSHWS)
Ida 2024.jpg Ida-2024 Meditrack.png
Duration October 17 – October 19
Peak intensity 75 km/h (45 mph) (1-min)  1006 hPa (mbar)


The fallowing is a list of names to name all systems that formed during the 2024 Mediterranean Sea hurricane season any unused used names are marked in gray. the names used this year were used for the first time with the exception of Gloria which wasnt used due to an error in additon the name Katrina was seen on the list this was a error the name Kathleen was suppose to added but wasnt during the same error the name Linda was added it was readded on List 3 the

2024 List

  • Anita
  • Bonnie
  • Cirstina
  • Dawn
  • Evelyn
  • Fiona
  • Gloria (unused)
  • Holly
  • Ida
  • Joelle (unused)
  • Katrina (unused)
  • Linda (unused)
  • Mariel (unused)
  • Opal (unused)
  • Penny (unused)
  • Sandy (unused)
  • Timona (unused)
  • Vivian (unused)
  • Wilma (unused)


On NYE 2024 the WMO announced that the name Dawn would be retired due to the destruction and fatalities it caused in Africa the name Dakota was chosen to replace the name in 2028