A Severe tornado outbreak happened on the 4th of July.

2020 4th of July tornado outbreak
Date of tornado outbreak: July 4, 2020
Duration1: 12 hours
Maximum rated tornado2: EF3 tornado
Tornadoes caused: 33
Damages: $1 billion
Fatalities: 0
Areas affected: Kansas, Oklahoma

1Time from first tornado to last tornado
2Most severe tornado damage; see wikipedia:Enhanced Fujita Scale

33 12 11 9 1 0 0


EF# Location State County/Parish Info.
EF0 Greensburg KS Kiowa Brief touchdown
EF3 Moore OK Cleveland A tornado entered Moore destroying a school building. The tornado heavily damaged a poor built home. A gas station was swept away along with other homes in that area. The medical center was damaged badly. Nobody was killed, but people sustained severe injuries. This tornado was followed by an EF2 tornado that caused more damage in Moore.
EF2 Moore OK Cleveland A second tornado hit Moore after the EF3 tornado. The tornado destroyed a grocery store in Moore and the tornado also destroyed a very large factory near downtown Moore. This tornado was followed by an EF1 tornado that caused damage in Moore and Oklahoma City.
EF1 Moore to Oklahoma City OK Cleveland, McLain A third tornado hit Moore and traveled to Oklahoma City where a tree fell through a home. A parking garage was severely damaged, and a gas station was badly damaged. A neighborhood of poor built homes were completely leveled. A school building was damaged. A roof off a gymnasium was collapsed. A group of people were in the gymnasium and were sent to a local hospital. The tornado then moved on to destroy homes in Northern Oklahoma City.
EF2 Lyons KS Rice An outbuilding was destroyed east of Lyons. A farm was completely leveled.
EF0 Kansas City MO Jackson Brief touchdown
EF0 Dodge City KS Ford Brief touchdown
EF0 Topeka KS Shawnee Brief touchdown
EF0 Norman OK Canadian Brief touchdown
EF1 St. Louis MO St. Louis Rope tornado.
EF2 Quincy IL Adams Large tornado damaged a home north of Quincy.
EF0 Lafayette IN Tippecanoe Brief touchdown
EF0 Van TX Van Zandt Brief touchdown
EF2 Moore OK Cleveland Another tornado hit Moore injuring 30 people. The tornado destroyed the same neighborhood as the EF1 tornado.
EF1 Chickasha OK Grady Rope tornado.
EF0 Greencastle IN Putman Brief touchdown
EF0 Memphis TN Shelby Brief touchdown
EF0 Borden IN Clark Brief touchdown
EF0 Bono IN Lawrence Brief touchdown
EF2 Greensburg KS Kiowa 80% of Greensburg was damaged or destroyed.
EF1 Norman OK Canadian Rope tornado
EF1 Norman OK Canadian Rope tornado
EF1 Norman OK Canadian Rope tornado
EF0 Buford GA Hall Brief touchdown
EF2 Salina KS Saline Power Lines were snapped and trees were debarked.
EF2 Norfolk NE Madison Widespread damage happened in Norfolk.
EF1 Stanton NE Stanton Brief touchdown
EF1 Pilger NE Stanton Brief touchdown
EF1 Pilger NE Stanton Brief touchdown
EF1 Witchita KS Sedgwick Brief touchdown
EF2 Andover KS Butler Rope tornado
EF1 Beaver OK Beaver Brief touchdown
EF2 Memphis TN Shelby A tornado touched down in Memphis causing major damage.