The year of 2018 was a catastrophic year, especially near the May-July range of the year.



January 7 included an off-season category 3 hurricane, Hurricane Annie, that formed, hitting Washington D.C. direct on, causing catastrophic flooding around the District of Columbia, parts of Virginia and Maryland. This storm also caused several buildings to be destroyed by a large EF4 tornado that obliterated Washington D.C. after.

January 19 was caused by a large fire in the mountains in Canada, estimate of acres unknown, however it is estimated to be between 14 million acres and 15 million acres. The fire wasn't fully contained until November 29th, because of the extremely large size. The fire managed to cause a twenty three alarm fire in Toronto, as it burned nearly all of Toronto. An eighteen alarm fire was also recorded in Ottawa.


February 24 was when the Mediterranean Sea was hit by a magnitude 9.3 earthquake due to large ruptures around the ocean, causing a 400 foot tsunami to engulf nearly every building around the Mediterranean. The wave even reached as far inland as Paris, rusting the Eiffel Tower and collapsing it, causing a large dust cloud engulfing Paris and several areas around it.


March 9 was a notable event, as an EXTREMELY large squall line formed, causing tornadoes around the world to be recorded, the strongest reaching F12 intensity near the mountains in southern New York, causing heavy damage as it managed to reach NYC at EF5 intensity. Overall, many tornadoes around the world formed, even a couple EF0s and EF1s formed in the Himalayas.

March 16 was pretty minor for an event, but the dormant St. Helens erupted, causing a large ash cloud to stretch all the way to New York, causing it to accumulate ash everywhere from Washington-New York, the most being in Washington itself, going up to 2 or 3 feet of ash around the Pacific Northwest, while areas such as North Carolina, New York and Virginia received only a coating to an inch of ash.

March 19 was when Storm Maxine formed, as a category 5 windstorm, bringing wind gusts of up to 190mph recorded in some areas, and just as a cold front merged with a storm, some warm air in Scotland and such collided as well, causing a large tornado outbreak that impacted England a lot.


April 1 was when there was a large earthquake, reaching a magnitude of 9.9, in the Atlantic Ocean, bringing a large megatsunami approximately half the size of the Burj Khalifia, reaching a peak height of 1,361 feet as it hit major cities such as New York City, Washington, D.C., and Boston, causing many deaths as people thought it was a joke.

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