The 2017 Florida Storm Complex was a band of large supercells that caused large hail, high winds, and a handfull of tornadoes across south-central Florida. The largest hail was 2.6 inches measured in Okeelanta and the highest non-tornadic winds were meaured at 84 MPH near LaBelle. The strongst tornado was an EF3 that killed 9 near Miami. A weaker EF2 killed 2 near Twentymile Bend and two EF1's both killed 1 near Port Mayaca. A total of 14 tornadoes ocurred and 15 fatalities, 1 on which was non-tornadic.


14 7 5 1 1 0 0
List of confirmed tornadoes - Friday, June 11th, 2017
EF# Location County Time (UTC) Path Length (miles) Maximum Path Width (yards) Estimated Damage (2017 USD) Summary
EF1 SSE of Venus Highlands County 8:19 AM - 8:21 AM 1.2 miles 14 yards (42 feet) $10 The first tornado of the day touched down near Venus and caused minor tree damage.
EF0 NNE of Moore Haven Glades

8:23 AM - 8:23 AM

.05 miles

3 yards (9 feet)


Tree limbs were downed by a small, weak tornado.

EF0 Lake Okeechobee Glades, Okeechobee, Martin, Palm BeachHendry

9:12 AM -9:19 AM

3.9 miles

743 yards (2229 feet)


Large waterspout overturned a boat on Lake Okeechobee.

EF1 E of Port Mayaca Martin 10:39 AM - 10:43 AM 5 miles 82 yards (246 feet) $700

1st Port Mayaca Tornado-

1 death -

Moderate tornado killed 1 in a car outside of Port Mayaca.

EF1 Port Mayaca Martin 10:45 AM - 10:47 AM 2.4 miles 63 yards (189 feet) $950

2nd Port Mayaca Tornado-

1 death -

Another moderate tornado killed 1 in a trailer 2 miles east pof Lake Okeechobee.

EF0 SE of Belle Glade Palm Beach

11:01 AM - 11:01 AM

.02 miles

11 yards (33 feet)


Tree limbs were downed by a small, weak tornado.

EF3 ESE of Doral to W of Miami Miami-Dade 11:24 AM - 11:46 AM 13.6 miles 552 yards (1656 feet) $103,250,000 9 Deaths - See Section Below
EF0 W of Hialeah Miami-Dade

11:31 AM - 11:32 AM

.7 miles

17 yards (51 feet)


Weak tornado caused minor damage to 15 structures. 

EF2 S of Twentymile Bend to NW of Wellington Palm Beach 12:28 PM - 12:40 PM 9.1 miles 526 yards (1578 feet)  $950,000 2 Deaths-

See section below

EF0 SSE of Loxahatchee Palm Beach

12:56 PM - 12:56 PM

.01 miles

2 yards (6 feet)


Disputed between wind gust or tornado.

EF0 Offshore Riviera Beach Palm Beach

1:19 PM - 1:21 PM

3.4 miles

8 yards (24 feet)


Weak tornado blew over a few trees and blew away umbrellas and beach chairs.

EF1 Felda Hendry 1:34 PM - 1:37 PM 2.8 miles 44 yards (132 feet) $780 The first Small tornado caused sustainable damage in Felda.
EF1 W of Okeelanta Palm Beach 1:52 PM - 1:55 PM 5.8 miles 209 yards (627 feet) $350 Cone tornado caused damage near Okeelanta.

Notable Tornadoes

Doral-Miami Tornado

EF3 (strong) tornado (NWS)

Tornado - 425.jpg
Duration 11:24 AM – 11:46 AM
Intensity 260 km/h (160 mph) (1-min)
At 11:24 AM, a large tornado touched down in the East Coast Buffer area, uprooting hundreds of trees and destroing everglads. The tornado reached Doral at 11:29 AM, and killed 2 at EF2 strength. At 11:32 AM, the tornado killed 3 at very high-end EF3 strength south of Miami Springs. The tornado slammed into Miami with 150 mph winds at 11:39 AM and killed 4. The tornado dissipated 3 miles offshore Miamia at 11:46 AM. The worst damage was in Miami Springs, where only indoor walls reamined and cars were thrown hundreds of yards away. The tornado killed 9 and caused over $100 million in damages (2016 USD). The tornado was one of the strongest tornadoes in Florida history.

Wellington Tornado

EF2 (strong) tornado (NWS)

Tornado - 393.jpg
Duration 12:28 PM – 12:40 PM
Intensity 215 km/h (130 mph) (1-min)
At 12:28 PM, a large tornado touched down near State Highway 80. A large portion of the highway was closed due to downed trees, powerpoles, and scattered debris. The tornado impacted Wellington at  12:36 PM and killed 2 in 2 seperate mobile homes in Wellington. The tornado dissipated at 12:40 PM west of Wellington. The tornado killed 2 and caused $950,000 in damages (2016 USD).

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