The Bedford, Indiana tornado of 2017 was an EF2 tornado that struck the southern edge of the city and tore right through it. The tornado killed 2 people.

2017 Bedford, Indiana tornado
EF2 tornado

The tornado touching down
Date June 15, 2017
Times 1352-1412
Touchdown location Just off of Highway 37.
Injuries 86
Fatalities 2
Damage $180,000,000
Areas affected Bedford, IN
Part of the


At about 5:10 PM, a tornado touched down East of Highway 37. The tornado hit mobile homes and gas stations, injuring 4 people. The tornado crossed Highway 37 into the southwestern side of Bedford. The tornado damaged a church and over 300 homes. It damaged apartments nearby where 2 people were killed.

The tornado went on to destroy homes along 16th, 17th, and 18th streets. It damaged a Catholic Church and a funeral home. The tornado entered a neighborhood of poorly built homes. The tornado injured 1 in the small neighborhood.

The tornado damaged another gas station as it exited Bedford. The tornado damaged several homes on US Route 50 and Highway 446. A home was moved off of its foundation. The tornado weakened and dissipated near Norman, Indiana in Jackson County.

Other Storms

Along with the EF2 tornado, an EF1 tornado struck the nearby town of Crane. Another tornado that was rated EF1 hit the community of Gosport. Three EF0 tornadoes struck Indianapolis.

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