2015 Chicago Tornado


1 Hour, 27 Minutes

Time It Formed

6:59 PM EDT

Time It Dissipated

8:26 PM EDT

Fujita Scale Rating


Maximum Winds

300 mph

Path Length

105 miles

Maximum Width

1 and 1/4 mile

Place(s) impacted

Chicago, Illinois

Damage Caused

$7,100,000,000 (2015 USD)

Fatalities Caused

Two Hundred Forty-Nine (259)

The 2015 Chicago Tornado was a Violent, destructive and deadly EF5 tornado that struck Chicago, Illinois on May 30th, 2015.


Weather Analysis and Radar

Weather Analysis Map 6 hours before the storm began.

Prior to the Tornado's Formation, Illinois and Indiana had already dealt with a round of Showers and Storms earlier in the day.

And at about 11:45 AM, a half mile wide EF2 tornado had been reported outside Muncie, IN

The Event


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